Speaking Spiritually do you think God has any cause or reason to hold any belief in you...?

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m/o/m - Those who hold faith gain the realm of divine consciousness, those that wallow in pity learn until thye do. The unfortunates cast into a hell of anothers creation have no proof or evidence of his existance. Maybe it is preferable to live as righteously as the prevailing demons allow without any consciousness of one who denys us faith and belief. This is my route. Why squander life in denial or hatred, be happy.

Update 2:

Michael G – True.

Kirby – The reciprocal relationship between God* and those of his spirit implies the argument is an internal issue with your conscience and the greater. The Super Ego and the ego – who are we to assume God cares v If God is so omnipotent and all knowing why is his world in such a mess – if the people chose the devil, then God assumes responsibility only for those who live by his tenets.

Update 3:

chanda - this is subjective and circumspect. I and many others live righteously but are cast into hell regardless. The sinners cackle with glee whilst the saintly and human weep tears of blood, baloney as they say in the u, s of a...

Update 4:

vk - yes, indeed.

Update 5:

oil, b, g, - The universal Consciuousness exists regardless of belief. It does not cease to exist because we refuse to or cannot see it. Time and maturity change. It is foolish in any aspect to entirely dismiss or corroborate what we cannot ascertain - logic.

Update 6:

Whirling - precisely. An Omnipotent God helas, cleanses and liberates from the shackles of hate whom he deigns to ocnfer his beneficient upon. It is for the individual to maintain his mind, heart and soul in pure consciousness and morality, for its is respectful to self and Creator to do so.

Update 7:

kelly - the standard atheist response - a perfect cure for insomnia.

Update 8:

b-steele I think therefore I am... some have absolutely no belief in self or any other. I suppose it is a blessing to think and feel as one with the planet.

Update 9:

Cyanide – in the same vein if God created a marvellous world for you and all things for your comfort and happiness advising you only of avoidance of sin and sinners for your own protection yet persisted in affiliation with the haters and opposers of Peace & God, then He, as any parent would rightly hold such an individual in contempt would he not, is my line of questioning, although your responses are always intelligent and courteous. Love God, loathe the zealots of his name.

Update 10:

God loves the happy conscientious soul than the sanctimonious and insensitive. The greater sin is to know truth and persist in falsehood or to wound intentionally through third party pawns the godly and faithful. To know God/Truth/love is at war with satan/sin/hatred and to assist the latter is the most heinous of sins. Tis better to be silent in search of God than to ridicule or demand a grace{evidence}of what others are more deserving but do not request.

Update 11:

Wouldn’t time be more constructively spent in searching for Truth Absolutes and why there is no peace, virtue, unity between genders, religions, races etc than quibble about an undefined or misunderstood Supernal Force.

Update 12:

Isn’t this pathetic atheistic hounding of Christians a futile waste of time better expended in constructive criticism with alternative and more acceptable truths. The derision of religions of any followers of other faiths is unworkable in this modern age. Inter religious warring for dominance through numbers than righteous might and virtue causes problems, not The Almighty Father and Supreme Spirit...

Update 13:

Lion sack - this is a forum of witches, black magicians, man hating power hungry feminists, the disgruntled victims of the media system - And I a moral Truth Speaking upstanding Lady. Wisdom should decree that I not step foot in this cesspit of the cunning and godless, black magic and witchery invoke and justify their tormenting by voodoo and witchery – Is it Gods* will that I be tortured so by such vile unrepentant heathens and sinners, or the devil seeking to empower himself by association or proximity?

Update 14:

What is Gods will and does he favour adultress witches, feminists, and their henchmen over the good and free spirited. Who is your God lionsack...?

Update 15:

pluto - balnket blitzers of civilians in defenceless nations also firmly belive they have a right to do so, as do paedophiles, burglars, and murderers feel they have a right to cleanse the world of evil doers. For this reason we cannot hold with blind acceptance of all belief systems but can aim to reconcile the reason and dredge beliefs that have no logical bearing.

Can or should God forgive the dumb sheep for siding with satanists, witchcraft users, warmongers and voodooism, at a time he battles to regain a monopoly of his creation through truth, virtue and moral authority...

Update 16:

God is as Omnipotent, as Omnipresent as his humanitys ability to abide happily by his statutes and laws, live by his will to peace and harmony as he would were he amongst us...

Update 17:

I Think Therefore I Am...but what pervades my mind and senses, a malevolent forces and the mind falls into desolate angst, I Am nothing, nought, cast to the dust as fodder for worms. I Think because I cannot be silent, a legion of demons rage through my mind, and I pour forth anger in the stead of wisdom and loving kindness. Sometimes I Am because I do not think, but find tranquil bliss in deep unspoken silences. I Think Therefore I Am is also a passing momentary response to a concerted casting into nonexistence, a soliloquy of sorts...

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    " have learned not to think little of any one's belief, no matter how strange it may be. I have tried to keep an open mind, and it is not the ordinary things of life that could close it, but the strange things, the extraordinary things, the things that make one doubt if they be mad or sane."__BRAM STOKER

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    Yahweh, the creator, is the source and substance of everything in this entire stellar universe, that means us too, then it is not a question if he is the cause and reason for any beliefs that we believe.

    You just must make sure that you are knowing not believing the right things. Because a belief, is nothing more than, and idea, an opinion, and even doubt about something. However, to know eliminates the doubt about everything on a particular matter. So, you must know, not believe.

    Now, in Hosea 4:6 states, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Becasue thou has reject knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no priest to me: seeing thou has forgotten the law of God, I will also forget thy children (King James Version).

    Source(s): Henry C. Kinley www.idmr.net
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    If you reduce belief to knowledge and intellectual assent, God knows everything and believes accurately.

    If you mean belief analogous to the sense of saving faith which is more than intellectual assent and includes trusting, loving and leaning upon.

    It doesn't work both ways

    God is eternally the highest source of satisfaction in the universe?

    I am not. Here today gone tomorrow.

    God is a worthy object of faith and never sleeps

    I am not and I am unconscious 1/3 of my life in sleep

    God is eternal in Himself

    I am not I have a dependent existence on Him

    It does not at all work both ways

    At best God knows he can redeem and believes he can use the elect as a trophy of glory, for his pleasure and their eternal happily ever aftering satisfaction

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    It once repented God for the creation of man, and thus the destruction of the entire world by water… save Noah and his family.

    God created man to praise and worship him, and when the serpent (the devil) crept in.. He made the world a bitter and vile place.

    Yes, it will one day come again when God will destroy the land… but by fire.

    However, to answer your question directly. Yes, as long as I am a child of God the LORD will keep me as one of his own and have belief (or confidence) in me that I can make it.

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    Yes dear , like our parents has cause to rememember us or believe in us, similarly God believes in us that we will be close to him, & will help his other children in this world, who have sorrows, sadness, etc.

    like a father would always like his children to be either like him or better than him. Similarly, we are children of the Supreme father, & because he is Ocean of LOVE , PEACE & HAPPINESS, he would believe in us to pass on these qualities to his other children who have no idea about their father & his qualities

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    Sure. Why not? In my small understanding of the divine, god believes in all people.

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    I would suppose omnipotence would be a good reason to believe I exist, if that's what you mean. To "believe in me", however, I could really not care less what it thought of me, were it real.

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    To me that's the same as asking if "Harry Potter has any cause or reason to hold a belief in me?" And my answer is Pffft

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    For anyone to answer this question they would first have to believe in God, because anyone answering "God isn't real" isn't answering your question at all. Anyone that does believe in God knows that God believes in them.

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    Always ask yourself: what will result?

    What shall result from any cause, any act of will?

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