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Illuminati and the New World Order: Believe in it? Yes or No?

Ive been watching some videos, looking at pictures, reading articles and it makes a lot of sense. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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    Absolutely, but people believe what they wanna believe

    and this is so simple a process of take over, and for that

    very reason alone is why people can't comprehend what

    is happening, which is exactly what the Illuminati hope

    for, our doubt is there strength it's kind of like a form of

    intellectual judo, these subversive governments are using

    our own naivete not to mention our arrogance against us,

    people seem to find more solace in calling people who believe

    in this insidious malignancy, conspiracy nuts, they'll tell you

    there's no proof to give these accusations any validity as to

    this situation coming to fruition here in America, things like

    this are right out of a James Bond movie, oh really? and the

    Holocausts, who played 007 in that one? certainly not Hitler . . .

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    1 decade ago

    No i don't i hate conspiracy's.

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