If Islam was spread by the sword, why does it continue to grow at phenomenal rates in America and abroad?

Are we forcing people at the end of swords to convert? What does this say about what the orientalists have said in the past?

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    Islam was not spread by the sword. People who hate Islam and read verses from dubioius sources outside the real paragraphs claim this.

    The qu'ran says to not kill innocent people, to make peace with an enemy if it wants it, to fight against oppression and tyranny, to fight against persecutors and kick people out from where they would have kicked you out, etc.

    Islam was actually spread by word of mouth. the wars that were fought were against people who tried to kill and hurt the prophet, so all your arguments are wrong.

    There is a quote in qu'ran that says to not force anyone to convert!!

    yes, in some arab countries, there are high birth rates, but it is not illiteracy or necessarily poverty that is the reason. In arab society, children are things that give HUGE pride. My dad is a doctor, my mom a mechanical engineer, yet my mom wanted to have at least 6 children (she had 5 though since the last did not work)! There is a doctor in Gaza who had 8 daughters (these were killed by israel). Clearly, it is more of a fact that arab society takes pride in children, something which is not as ingrained in American society (yes, americans have pride in their children, but do they sacrifice an animal when their child is born?)

    Also, did you guys know that in the Gulf war when the troops were in Saudi Arabia, at least 3,000 US troops converted to Islam when properly taught the customs of it?

    Seriously people, read multiple translations of the qu'ran and understand arab culture before immediately jumping to conclusions

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    historic past has shown that Islam became into unfold by ability of the sword. that's humorous that fundamentalist Islamists (like Osama bin encumbered and Ayman Zawahiri) rail concerning the Crusades and Crusaders at the same time as comfortably ignoring their very own previous historic past. The Crusades have been as a rule a backlash against Moslem conquests and forced conversion by ability of the sword. regrettably the Crusaders did an identical component, yet that's each and all of the Muslims look to remember.

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    "Phenomenal" is a subjective attribute. You'd probably claim it was growing at a "phenomenal" rate if one person per year joined up, huh?

    Most of the rate of increase in the US comes from births to Muslim families and immigration. No surprise there. Conversions in the US at least account for somewhere around 3% of the annual increase. Ho-hum. Oh, and by the way -- the popularity of an idea is not any indication of its correctness.


  • mr M
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    Remember 911... the reason moderate Muslims did not condemn that atrocity is because they were afraid of "the sword". Islam is still a very violent religion among some adherents. I guess they have traded the sword for the bomb more recently (although it was Islamo-fascists that beheaded Daniel Pearl for absolutely no reason except because they were evil).

    Also, Islam is prejudiced against women. Women are not to be educated past the 4th grade, are always guilty when they are raped and in some Muslim countries they cannot even drive a car. Women are treated poorly by the Muslim world in general.

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    Actually, in most of the countries where it is seeing "phenomenal growth", said growth can be attributed to the phenomenal birth rates.

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    Because they breed like rabbits, and count every child no matter how young as being Muslim.

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    they non muslim offend in many ways like answers below

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