help me out here...why is this?

okay so basically, i dont think i'm ever going to get a boyfriend or whatever. in my opinion i dont care; im 18 and i think i have plenty of time but my friends always call me lesbian & tease me (offensive yet playful, i dont usually care). but i kind of feel like i wont get a boyfriend. the guys i know, and that is A LOT, are very obsessed with their clothing and self absorbed, and the other guys i know, dont care about a lot of things or whatever....its like from one extreme to the next & its too much to try to explain it all here. but why is it that i cant find someone thats on the same page as me? i dont need drama, i just need a cool partner; a guy whos just chill. sometimes i feel like im asking for too much.

they also call me lesbian because im a virgin, lmao, which doesnt bother me.

And i also havent been in many relationships, um, probably of all the "relationships" ive been in only a few were legit and then again not really. so we're dealing with an inexperienced 18 year old here lol.

im not a beast either. im not cocky or conceited or whatever but im a decent looking girl. i dont know what the problem is!

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  • Alyel
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    1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe you're shy? or a lot of times guys are scared to ask the prettiest girls out for fear of being rejected

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