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What is the difference between the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council?

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    The General Assembly is composed of all members of the UN and they debate some issues.

    The Security Council, on the other hand, is composed of 15 members - 5 permanent (the 'veto' powers) and 10 rotating spots. The five permanent members are USA, UK, France, Russian Federation, and China, and if even just one of them vote against a resolution, it will automatically fail. They are always on the Security Council. There are also 10 non-permanent members that serve 2 year terms. 5 new members come on as five leave yearly. Right now, the countries with one year remaining are: Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Croatia, Libya, and Vietnem. The countries that will leave in 2010 are: Austria, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, and Uganda. The Security Council is more powerful than the General Assembly and can propose sanctions against countries.

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    The General Assembly is composed of all the member countries from the US to the Banana Republics. The Security Council is composed of the 5 powers and each has veto power over the Assembly. USA, Russia ,China ,France and Great Britain.

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    the ecu is an assembly of eu countries, yet no longer all eu countries are in it, that have company and a few political bargains, one which resides in a european united states this is in the ecu would not want a visa to return and forth to the different ecu countries, there is the euro this is the only money they use. the UN is for political judgements, with 5 individuals that are the important ones with the veto appropriate, China, usa of u.s., Russia, France and the united kingdom if i'm no longer incorrect, and 15 countries are picked each era to connect the assembly. protection, politics, problems like starvation and different comparable stuff are suggested and that they attempt to remedy them.

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