Am I being under paid for my job?

I am a Civil Engineering Technologist with three years of experience in the field. I am considered an intermediate tech, and have the ability to perform any tasks that are given to me. I write reports on a daily basis and I have the ability to perform all of the tasks required in the laboratory when it comes to soils testing and concrete testing specifications.

I have project management experience, quality control experience, surverying experience, and environmental experience.

I am able to do anything that a tech is required to do on a regular basis with great results.

So my question is, is $15/hr CAD fair? I have friends that are fresh out of school making $22/hr + and have no experience in the field at all!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That does seem a bit low. I would first research what the average rate for your job is in your state (you would not believe how it varies state to state) If you are being under paid according to what you find out, talk to your employer about a possible raise.

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