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Do you think the Swiss feel guilty about taking all that Nazi gold back in the day?

Maybe they're trying to make it up to the Jews by picking on the Muslims.


You can be rich, rich as Nazis

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    No, Swiss bankers don't feel guilty about harboring stolen Nazi loot. This is obvious considering that families of Holocaust victims have had such difficulty collecting what is rightfully theirs. Swiss banks began opening up their records only under extreme political pressure.

    "Last Saturday secret intelligence documents obtained by the World Jewish Congress in New York revealed that Swiss banks helped leading Nazis including Hitler, Goering and Von Ribbentrop to conceal $6 billion dollars worth of stolen goods including gold ingots that had been manufactured from the gold fillings of holocaust victims."

    "In post war negotiations with the US and Britain, the Swiss banks had claimed they only held $500 million in accounts opened by Nazi sympathizers."

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    No, I don't think they care now... but sure after WWII when it was "Cool" To take reporations for The Nazi's attacks, They probably did feel bad... but seeing as how most of those people who took the money are dead; There is no point to even worrying about it anymore.

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    It's not the Swiss, it's the Swiss bankers. And no I doubt they feel any guilt whatsoever. Those guys are a whole different breed. They just see people as cattle and nothing more.

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    Wow...all I can say is thanks for the points.

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