Great Gatsby Questions?

True or False

1. Daisy hopes her child will be smarter than she was.

2. Tom has been unfaithful almost from the start of the marriage.

3. Gatsby founded his fortune on $25,000 he inherited.

4. The "owl-eyed" man senses the depths in Gatsby.

5. Daisy never reveals her part in Myrtle's death.

6. Gatsby's guests are very carefully selected.

7. Jordan tells Nick of Gatsby's love for Daisy.

8. It is Nick who reunites Gatsby and Daisy.

9. Nick says Daisy's voice is "full of money."

10. Tom insists that Daisy and Gatsby drive home together.

11. Daisy describes her girlhood as:

a. white

b. unforgettablel

c. unfortunate

d. humiliating

12. The green light symbolizes

a. Gatsby's dream of success

b. Nick's disgust with the upper class

c. Tom's arrogance

d. Daisy's faithfulness to Gatsby

13. The eyes on the sign symbolize

a. Tom's knowledge of Daisy's infidelity

b. Nick's policy of looking on but not taking part

c. Gatsby's position as an outsider

d. an all-knowing divine power or destiny

14. Myrtle asks Tom to buy her

a. a house of their own

b. a dog

c. a car like Gatsby's

d. a coat like Daisy's

15. The night of Myrtle's death Nick finds Gatsby

a. packing

b. trying to get rid of the car

c. watching Daisy's window

d. giving his story to the police

16. Nick compliments Gatsby by saying

a. he's a better man than the rest of them

b. Daisy should have chosen him

c. he himself would like to join Gatsby's business

d. he himself would like to move in with him

17. Gatsby's father is

a. overwhelmed by grief

b. impressed by his son's success

c. anxious to return to his own home

d. determined to seek revenge

18. Tom later admits that he

a. killed Gatsby

b. sent Wilson after Gatsby

c. never loved Daisy

d. was wrong about Gatsby

19, Gatsby's pink suit signifies

a. his lack of social finesse

b. that he is trying to imitate Tom's sense of style

c. his inability to "fit in" with the upper classes

d. his obsession with superficial appearances of wealth

20. Gatsby loves Daisy because

a. she represents wealth

b. he is determined to have Tom's wife

c. she represents the upper class

d. she seems mysterious


answer as many as u want the most questions answered will get best answer...

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  • Thor
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    1 decade ago
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    I read this book last year in English, so I know most of these. I will answer all them. Most will be right.

    1. True

    2. True

    3. False. I am pretty sure he was supposed to get money, but never did.

    4 True

    5 True

    6 False. He opens his parties to everyone, with hopes Daisy will show up.

    7 True. They used to go out before Gatsby went into the service.

    8 True

    9 False

    10 False. He is jealous of Gatsby

    11 B

    12 A

    13 D

    14 B

    15 Either A or C. Pretty sure it is A though.

    16 A and B both work. I think is the better choice though.

    17 B

    18 D

    19 D

    20 D

    Again I think that these answers are correct. Here are some other bits on information that you may find useful.

    Wilson knows that Myrtle is cheating on him, he just doesn't know that Tom is the one.

    Daisy and Gatsby were an item at one time.

    Gatsby bought the house he did because it was near Daisy's

    Gatsby takes the blame Myrtle's death.

    His real name is James "Jimmy" Gatz.

    Gatsby knows Tom is connected to Daisy, so he kind of starts talking to him.

    Good luck with your answers. I hope I helped even just a little!!!

    Source(s): Read the book last year and aced most of the quizzes.
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  • 4 years ago

    great gatsby questions

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Read the book a long time ago. Why don't you sit with your list of questions and watch the movie? It was a good adaptation.

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