Black genius profile: Philip Emeagwali?

Philip Emeagwali


1. Igbo Nigerian born 1954

2. 1 of 2 winners of Gordon Bell prize for development & application of super-computer

3. 3rd highest registered IQ in the world

4. IQ of 190

5. Bachelors of Mathematics from Oregon state University

6. Masters in Environmental Engineering from George Washington University

7. Masters in Mathematics from University of Maryland

8. Doctorate of Marine Engineering from George Washington University

9. Ranked “Greatest 100 Africans” by New African magazine

10. Civil Engineer & Quote, “Africans can achieve when given ample opportunity”

Fast-forward to 2:30:

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    Your question?

    Evidently there's one genius who doesn't understand the purpose of this site.

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    1 decade ago

    I told you Black people are physically & intellectually superior to the lesser races

  • 1 decade ago

    What are you trying to prove? ROFL

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    These are not questions.

  • Ok

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