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Does he like me or not?? i like him soo much?

Yeah there was this guy who is was hanging out with at camp and he got his friends to ask me out and i said no he was crushed. but then when we got home i started thinking maybe i should have said yes because now i really like him. then the next year i asked him i phoned him and asked if he wanted to go out he said he had a girl friend though. now he's single and we go to different schools i miss him so much and wish i would have said yes i think he likes me still but he hasn't tried to ask to hang yet so i don't know. During summer we were supposed to hang in sept. with my friends Kristin, Karen and her boyfriend, Jacob, me And him (Brian) Then everyone canceled and jacob wasn't gonna come so i think he likes me but i should have said yes

i'm not fat but not as small as him just by a tiny bit


oh last year at lunch he was hanging with me running around in the hall ways at lunch pretending to be an army guy making me laugh soo much my stomach started hurting

Update 2:

grade 7 we would alway hang and we went to mcd's for water with one of my other friends and we shot water at each other

Update 3:

he was my first friend in junior high

Update 4:

every time i phone him he like talks to me like he unconfortable.

somtimes when i walk home i see him and he sees me

sometime i pass him and he dosn't even look up

he on the foot ball team and 2 time i just sat there wathching him and he of cource notices me and i think he tries harder

one time not too long ago i took my dong for a walk and waited for him after practice cut it started getting dark out and i couldn't find him

um once i was walking to my mom's work and he saw me (mom's work is just past the football feild) and he didn't go change right away he just sat outside and watched me i couldn't go talk to him cuz i was busy

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    I feel for you! I don't have much information so I can't know if he likes you but I think that you should arrange to meet up with a few friends again some time and then if you think he likes you ask him out, the worst he can do is say no, i know it might hurt but at least you'll know if he does or not.

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    I don't know, i need more information!

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