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Anal lesions - what are they and is it a bad thing?

I had perianal warts and they were removed but when the doctor was removing them he found lesions (at first he assumed it was a fissure) so my question is what are anal lesions and is that bad? I've heard that lesions can sometimes be open wounds on the skin so I'm just figuring that's what's going on. I still don't get sick so I don't think it could be cancer because cancer weakens the immune system and it hasn't yet. So is it possible that all it is is an open wound inside my rectum and nothing serious or is it cancer I'm only 23 and too young to die so please let me know what you think thanks!

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    A lesion could also mean some kind of sore , mark or scars from other illness or injury. If he has taken a sample of the lesion to be analyzed then it means that it was something unusual.

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