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what is the summer olympics official website?

and what cities are bidding in 2016 and 2020 summer olympics....

please provide link

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    2016 has already been awarded. The IOC has not selected the finalists for the 2020 games. To look at potenital cities who will bid for 2020, go to:

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  • 1 decade ago is the London 2012 Olympics' site.

    Rio de Janeiro was named host city for the 2016 Olympics.

    Potential candidates for 2020 are...

    AFRICA (3)

    Rabat, Morraco

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Durban, South Africa


    Brisbane, Queenland

    Hobart, Tasmania

    ASIA (5)

    Baku, Azerbajan

    Busan, So. Korea

    Doha, Qatar

    Dubai, UAE

    Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Japan (joint bid)

    EUROPE (8)

    Budapest, Hungary

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Rome, Italy

    Venice, Italy

    Porto, Portugal

    Lisbon, Portugal

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Warsaw, Poland


    Guadalajara, Mexico

    Monterrey, Mexico

    Toronto, Canada

    Boston, MA, USA

    Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA (joint bid)

    Tulsa, OK, USA


    Lima, Peru

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