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How does Momentum relate to airplane crashes?

Does anyone know how does momentum relate to airplane crashes? If yes, how? Also if you can, can you also provide the website?

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    Not sure how you mean 'relate' to crashes.

    Basic momentum-objects in motion want to stay in motion. When an airplane crashes-all parts of the aircraft as well as things inside want to travel at the current speed. This is why things inside will thrust forward (from an inside view of the plane), and also why the tail of the plane will crunch towards the front.

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    the seatbelt; the replace in momentum of a automobile is likewise the impulse of a automobile. If a automobile hits a tree and became into vacationing at 43m/s, its very final velocity would be 0. between the formula's for momentum is that internet rigidity circumstances time is comparable to mass circumstances replace in velocity(very final velocity minus preliminary velocity). because of the fact the suitable velocity is 0 and the preliminary velocity is 40 3 than;(0-40 3) the impulse or replace in momentum is going to be adverse value. So undergo in innovations if a automobile contains an abrupt stop than replace in momentum of a automobile is adverse. ****that's necessary positioned on a seatbelt because of the fact a physique in action will stay in action and a physique at relax will stay at relax except exterior forces are utilized. hence, if the value of the automobile became into 43m/s than so too became into its passanger, and the exterior rigidity that became into utilized to stop the automobile, did not impression the guy not donning the seatbelt. because of the fact no exterior rigidity became into utilized to stop this passenger. the concern is that the exterior rigidity which will stop the passenger is the windshield, that's the threat. The seatbelt is a component of the automobile and hence if the impulse of the automobile is adverse so too is the seatbelt. this means that the rigidity of the seatbelt is going the opposing direction of the automobile, and performing as an exterior rigidity to stay away from you from going interior the direction of the windshield. in case you prefer to comprehend this greater, kind up inelastic collisions on google and attempt to discover examples, i think... i desire that facilitates you recognize the theory...

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