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What do you think of these names?

I just found out I'm pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl :)

My husband and I were wondering what you think of the names Ace and Luna...but we are open to many other options

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    I like both the names. They are both very unique but I would keep them as middle names and go with something like Joel Ace and Sophie Luna, but I do like your names and they are very beautiful.

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    I'd suggest adopting a couple of kittens, if you really love those names...

    Ace is a cute nickname for a hyper little boy, but will NOT get a grown man taken seriously, either in the romantic or professional sense. It's fine if he wants to be a punk drummer or a pro skateboarder or something, but can you really imagine an attorney or professor named Ace? What about Alexander, or Xavier, or Adrian, or Adam, with Ace as a possible nickname if it suits his personality?

    Luna is not quite as awful, but still sounds too cutesy and goofy for an adult woman. What about Diana, or Cynthia, or Selene? These are all names that mean moon or moon goddess, but sound classier and more-grown-up.

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    1 decade ago

    Congrats but not a fan of Ace bt like Luna.

  • Tamsin
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    Sorry, don't like either. Ace makes me think of a deck of cards, or at best, a silly nickname that one might call their son when he's little. Luna just irks me. All it is is the word moon in Spanish. I mean, that might be nice for some, but for me it seems tacky. I would never name my child moon in english so...

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    I dont really like the name Ace, sorry. Luna is okay though. try these:

    Ethan and Abigail (my personal favorite)

    Alexi and Abigail

    Meigan (mee-gan, not megan) and Jimmy

    Kristy and Jimmy

    Beatrice (or beatrix) and John

    John and Haden

    Owen and Abigail

    Owen and Angela

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    I don't like Ace. But I do like Luna.

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    They are okay...

    But its your baby, and your decision.

    Personally, I like the name Luna A LOT [:

  • Alex
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    Nice names!

  • I'm sorry but really dislike the name Ace.

    How about:

    Samantha & Jacob

    Brett & Jenna

    Natalie & Anthony

  • I don't really like them. They don't sound like twin names to me.


    Acelynn and Aiden (If you like matchy names)

    Emmaline and Joseph (Emmie and Joey)

    Caroline and Andrew

    Leah and Noah

    Alexandra and Parker

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