Updated itunes not saving my music?

i updated my itunes to the newest one, and i started it up and transferred over my music, but whenever i close it and restart it i have to re-transfer my music over, and if i delete some it will still add it when i restart the program

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "i started it up and transferred over my music"

    I'm not sure what you mean by the above statement. Transferred "from what" "to what":

    From an old PC to a new PC?

    From an older version of iTunes to the latest version?

    From your new PC to your iPod?

    Or, something else?

    Please re-post with "Exactly what you are trying to do", and if you use OS X, or Windows.

    TIP: You DO know that when you log in to the iTunes Store, every song and app you ever bought through iTunes gets updated automatically to your PC, that's why they keep re-appearing, after you delete them, every time you re-start your PC and / or iTunes. That is unless you change itune's settings to update manually. But, any file you got using Limewire or a Torrent, for example, does NOT transfer automatically.

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  • roser
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    3 years ago

    i replace into updating from 4. something to six.a million.2. and lost all my song. My song replace into no longer set to automobile sync with my 2 laptops. I had geared up up the song on my Iphone and it replace into my optimal finished library. The song on my 2 laptops have been area of my iphone library and something replace into on an exterior problematicalcontinual. Now it rather is all long previous. i'm rather now twiddling with attempting to get it lower back, yet i won't even drag new song onto the gadget like i replace into waiting to do....

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