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if i went to ecuador would $5000 get me and my bf far?

i am looking at spending some time in ecuador, if i went with around $5000 how long could i possibly stay and could i work there to make more money? i am from canada.


iam thinking about cuencia

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    Welcome to Ecuador! It's a wonderful little country densely packed with adventure and beauty. Your $5,000 can take you near or far, depending on where you live and what sort of lifestyle/quality of living you and your boyfriend would like to enjoy.

    In general, Ecuador's cost of living is cheaper than the United States and Europe. Rent costs are much cheaper, and you can find loads of fresh veggies and fruits for real cheap (example: banana is five cents and an avocado is around 35 cents).

    Cuenca is a beautiful, clean city in the southern Andes. It's still modern enough to have all the modern ammenities like internet (WiFi, too), shopping malls, etc., but at the same time has a lot of the old colonial charm, history and laid-back culture so unique to Ecuador.

    You can browse Cuenca hotels below to see if any offer longer stays. Often times hotels open up their doors to people staying for over a month, and it's not uncommon for them to offer discounts for longer term stays. (

    Rent widely varies, but a general ballpark is $150 - 300 per month. Groceries and food depend on your taste and budget, and whether you prefer imported goods only or are willing to test out local cuisine and national products.

    Of course, you have to factor in travel costs as well. Where would you like to visit within Ecuador? Any trip to the Galapagos Islands is sure to set you back at least $1000 (very low end) dollars, though most likely more than that.

    Find Galapagos tours here:

    Lastly, as far as working goes, the most popular (and best bet) option is to teach English. Cuenca has a couple universities that hire English teachers. Check out CEDEI (Center for InterAmerican Studies), a non-profit school in Cuenca that hires qualified English teachers.

    Happy Travels!

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    How long are you planning on staying there? if it's not more than 2 months then your more than fine, Ecuador is really cheap compared to USA. If you plan to stay more than 2 months then you may want to think about getting some money before going there, oh and by the way the previous advice for 2 months was based on you not going out to party every night.

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    $5000 dollars in Ecuador its a lot of money the question will be are you going on vacations? or just one city?

    The price for the bus i think is not more than 0.25 cents. inside the city.

    If you travel one city to other no more than $ 10.00 dollars, one of the things is if you stay in a hotel could be expensive if you see the point that you problably are not gonna stay all day in your room.

    If you check

    you would find someone in ecuador you can stay with .

    There are a small houses you rent.. you have to look a lot, since you are not from there, there are people who abuses on prices, i would like to help with some good places to stay in diferent cities.,just let me know if you have any city in mind!

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    im from ecuador!... let me tell you if your going to ecuador you should go to the galapagos island!... its beautiful there ... also 2 ibarra, banos, cuenca and quito.... let me tell you something else, you should be carefull with the money you take there cause alot of the poor people steal!!!.. and if they see a tourist theyll try to steal whatever you have!... so be carefull... not everyone is like that... but still you should be carefull, anyways ecuador is a beautful country!!.. my mom is from cuenca!! its beautiful there!... really cold but beautiful!... the food is great!!!.... if you do go to cuenca you can go to banos!.. is near cuenca!... hope you do come over!!!.... andd hope you have the best time of your life! enjoy!...

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