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Will changing my Fuel Filter give me better Fuel Efficiency and provide better Milliage?

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy... I have changed the spark plugs... use good Gas and Synthetic Oil... still getting crappy milliage... my mechanic is suggesting I change my fuel filter but my Truck runs fine... does not stutter or have any loss of power.... what to do?

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    There's several things you can do. First is, you need to understand you're driving an Envoy. Good gas-mileage for that vehicle doesn't exist. Better gas mileage is possible though. Change your fuel filter, you should do this at least every time you change your timing belt (which is about 50,000 miles). Then change the timing of the car for a higher octane gasoline. Higher octane gas will burn more efficiently, and if your timing is changed for higher octane you will get the most gas mileage out of your truck. You will have to change the timing on the timing belt to match 93 octane, though. Also, make sure your fuel line isn't clogged, and try a nice (Not cheap like STP, or Valvoline) fuel cleaner. Clean the fuel injecters with that as well by hand. Once everything is clean you should get much better gas mileage, especially if you tune your engine to 93 octane.

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    Won't hurt to change it and have your tire pressure checked regularly. Tires can lose half of their pressure before they look low. Also take your foot out of the gas especially in stop and go traffic. Also you could try buying a computer programmer that will allow you to use premium gas and add the extra fuel mileage, they range anywhere from 300-400 dollars.

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    It's probaly not your fuel filter, but its always good to change to prevent any problems. Crappy milliage can be from city driving, low tire pressure, using 4x4, Not to mention its a GM, don't believe what they tell you about litres & miles per gallon....I have a 2005 GMC jimmy and if its a 4.3 L engine like mine, I get 400km per tank..

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    Fuel filter has nothing to do with fuel economy.

    try a can of fuel injection cleaner.

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    Probably not your fuel filter then. Try some fuel system cleaner(Sea Foam) and a new air filter.

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    of course it will make a difference because ur fuel will be more pure

    with more pure fuel it increases the fuel efficiency because there will be good combustion

    and i guess it will give a better mileage

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    Fram, Wix, Purolator, Napa and many others. Just a name brand at Wal-mart.

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