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How do lawyers access your personal info?

I always wondered how lawyers are able to access someones private financial information, find out previous school records, and where they have travelled to in the past. Do lawyers have access to public records including personal financial records? How do they get access to this?

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    Everyone has access to public records - that's why they're called "public records". You'd be surprised at the sophistication of some of the search engines that are available now.

    And depending on the situation, such as litigation, an attorney might be entitled to request and receive what would otherwise be private or confidential information that is not accessible to the public at large. This is usually accomplished via a subpoena duces tecum.

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    report comments with the community police, make certain each thing is documented. p.c. out theft is an extremely long technique to recover from. If she knows who's doing it..then costs may be filed against them and he or she would be in a position to seek for courtroom intervention. She would desire to seek for suggestion from with a attorney to make certain what her criminal suggestions are

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