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Can Shewag be compared with Viv Richards?

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    Dear Shay,

    Fantastic question. I looked at it closely, and have to admit in the end I could only agree more with the Duke of Edinburgh when he said "There is a widely held and quite erroneous belief that cricket is just another game." Folks who have been following the game for long will probably disagree with me, but, I have to admit that they can be compared and are comparable. Here's why:

    1. True Viv played more tests: Matches:   121 compared with Sewag: Matches:   72  which indicates 59.50 % but Sewag played proportionately more innings 123 compared to Viv 182 ...indicating that he has already played 68% of the total # of innings Viv has played during his career. Because the figure is close to 70% I would say that statistically the two can be compared.

    2. Now if you compare the averages of the two:

    Viv Richards 50.24 vs Sewag would seem that Sewag does marginally better...but really the average does not reveal much!

    3. Home and away average analysis shows:

    Viv Richards

    Home 49.78

    Away 50.5



    Home 56.18

    Away 49.13

    indicating that Sewag did better than Viv at home and that they are almost similar away from home. Now one might argue..this is convenient use of stats because Viv didnt play against Bangladesh...but Viv did play against India which was at that time considered a poor bowling side at that contrast Sewag played against SA. Nevertheless, I present below the country wise comparisons

    Viv (for the stronger teams the person who had a better average is indicated by stars:

    Versus M Inns Avg

    Australia 34 54 44.43

    England 36 50 62.37 ****

    India 28 41 50.71

    New Zealand 7 10 43

    Pakistan 16 27 41.96 ****


    Versus M Inns Avg

    Australia 15 30 51.14 ****

    Bangladesh 2 2 11.5

    England 11 18 31

    New Zealand 7 13 27.46

    Pakistan 9 14 91.14 ****

    South Africa 10 17 51.29

    Sri Lanka 8 13 74.25

    West Indies 7 12 53.58

    Zimbabwe 3 4 58.67

    Viv did better against England and NZ vs Sewag better against Australia and Pakistan!!!!!!

    4. Finally 16.0% of Sewags dismissals were clean bowled vs Viv 21.2%. This could just indicate that King Viv just had kind of a laid back approach to batting...he indeed seemed more casual and hence the tendency of getting bowled. But keep in mind Pakistan bowlers were on tops those days, Sewag of course did well against the strong Aussie bowling attack..and Pakistan bowling attack still cannot be considered terribly weak as of now!

    I leave it to you to be the judge here, but, I feel that Sewag is probably a shade better than Viv as of now.


    Rehman of Multan

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    IMO there have been only 2 great teams, which won home & away, with equal ease, i.e. W.I. of 70's-90's and then the great Aussie team. England is pretty good but not in those 2 team's league. They have already suffered bad losses, away from home, which these great teams didn't during whole of their tenure, as no.1. England has had to endure pretty tough tours since becoming no.1 and to their credit, they are still no.1 and that's not a mean achievement. They also have tougher tests ahead of them, in both SA & India series happening, by the end of 2012. SA would prove as tough as they are at home, in England. India would do a lot better than they did in England. If Eng comes th. these 2 series unscathed, their path should be simpler, as they have taken on all the good teams. The Ashes being their traditional rivalry, can't delve too much,as Aus is also doing well but Eng might still have upper hand. So all in all, Viv Richards has great credentials to come up with this assumption & he might be right to a large extent..

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    No way. Atleast not now. Viv was legend. Let Shewag get to the end of his career and if he can sustain his high level of play, he can be compared with Richards. Not now because just a year ago, he was struggling with form and was dropped from the team. So he has just hit a purple patch and making it look easy.

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    No way. Sir Viv Richards was voted one of the top 5 cricketer's of last century. Shewag wouldn't even make the top 5 of the past decade.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, why not

    though Viv Richards has a much better average in ODIs, Sehwag can open the innings in both Tests and limited overs

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    Let us see the test match performances of all batsmen who played atleast 72 test matches.

    Vivian Richards - 121 matches, 170 innings, 8,540 runs, 70.58 runs per match, 7.55 percent of all runs scored in the series played. My rating - 85.8 marks.

    Sehwag - 72 matches, 119 innings, 6,248 runs, 86.78 runs per match, 7.64 percent of all runs scored. My rating - 81.9 marks.

    Sehwag has 2 triple centuries and one 293 score (not against minnows!). These scores push up Sehwag's performances. But Sehwag is less consistent than Vivian Richards. Hence, the slight lower rating.

    But then, we must remember that Sehwag is a opener which Viv was not. To that extent, Viv was protected from the Lillees and Thommos.

    Considering these aspects, I would say that both are similar. They evoked fear in bowlers' minds when they batted.

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    No. Just the mere figures may equal them. Viv is ahead of Sehwag. If not for his bad sight, he would have created many more records

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    Shewag is better than Viv Richards!

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    When Richards was playing you could count on one hand the number of batsmen averaging over 50, now there about 25

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    1 decade ago

    Shewag wouldn't make Viv's boot lace.

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