What are some fun ways to get in trouble at school?

Or just fun things to do in school in general. I don't care if they get me in trouble or not.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    these are my fav's they worked really well lol, and my class got a kick out of em ;)

    1. you: i dont get it

    teacher: what dont you get?

    you: how do they get bark from the tree's so thin and into paper?

    (distracts peeps nd teachers both)

    2. flik tiny pieces of paper around the class. when the teacher tells you to stop say: ur racist against paper arent you, in a very accusing tone

    3. bring a fake spider to school and scare ur teachers and classmates with it ( only ur friends who wont care)

    4. when you have a sub teacher, and he/she writes their name on the board nd says: im mr/mrs .......

    stand on your desk and point to them saying prove it!

    5. organise to get your whole class to move their desk back a bit every time the teacher writes something on the board ( in the end you'll all be squished in the back of the class nd the teacher will be confused =p)

    6. make sure dat u nd ur friends and not all sitting together but spread through the classroom, then everytime the teachers back is turned make a funny noise, when the teacher looks at you and kinda knows u did it, get ur friend to start doing it. its a cycle lol =p and hilarious

    7. if you have the guts, eat a piece off your assignment teacher as soon as he/she gives it to you.

    8.put a sticker with "bite me!" or somethin like that with the sticky side up on ur teachers chair and distract him/her while s/he sits down... hilarious ;)

    9. bring powder potato to school ( you know the kind where u put water on top and it turns into potato mash) and put it all over the grass just before the sprinkles come on =)

    10. start a spitball comp. like for example "see who can get the teacher without him/her noticing" we did that and she got one in her hair, on the shoulderblade, her butt and her ankle.hilarious! she never noticed.

    11. (this one was sooo funny! but me nd my friends got suspended for it so be carefull with this one nd dont get caught) put gladwrap all over the teachers toilets...

    12. draw cartoons of ur teachers (looking their worst) on the windows.

    13. when the teacher isn't looking, get the clock and forward it by 15 minutes. get let out of class early=awesum! =)

    14. bring a cap gun to school and shoot ur teacher. when he/she tells you to give it to him/her, say freeze or i'll shoot!

    15. have a waterfight with your friends and "accidentally" get your teacher wet

    Anywayz.. thats what me and my friends did at school =D good times. oh and by the way for people thinking im taking credit, not all of these are my own ideas. have fun =D

  • 4 years ago

    Someone once told me that you can have a lot of fun reading ahead on the lessons in school, and then questioning the teacher on the subject before the matter comes up. I used to have fun showing up all the other kids because I knew the answers. But that took studying and thinking. I don't know if that is the kind of fun you are looking for, or doing something mischevious.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How about some "fun" trouble, that way you don't get into big trouble. Make silly noises during class, giggle as much as you can do silly things, such as putting your head inside your shirt, as well as your arms. Blow raspberries, burp out loud. make other silly sounds. Most can happen is you may just stay after school.

    I used to do some of those silly things in school, and I had to stand in the corner, and this was back in grade school.

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  • 4 years ago

    Totse Bad Ideas

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  • 5 years ago

    Wear your hat in class when teacher says take it off say no I can't it's stuck 2 my head I did it and got in big trouble

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Screw around and set off cola and mento bombs in the bathroom. Cause a class wide musical thing by tapping on a table or singing a well known song and have everyone join in. Whatever you want to do, you're a free kid and ya need to get in trouble sometimes.

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  • Meow
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    1 decade ago

    Well my friends and I hated recess and eventually in grade 5, when all the other kids went outside for recess, we went to the bathroom for a couple minutes and then walked right back into the classroom and sat in our desks, in the dark. When the teacher came back from getting her coffee, she walked in and didn't notice us at first, then she saw us and got mad and we were sent to the office, and we had to get our parents to sign some form.

    Source(s): I'm assuming you're in elementary school, where there is still recess.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I got a referral for hiding the gym teachers keys in the wrestling mat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you're old enough to type a complete sentence, you're old enough to know how dumb this sounds. How about just going to school and doing what's expected of you?

    If your parents could see this, you probably wouldn't have a computer anymore. This is what you get when your children are unsupervised late at night.

    • Joe6 months agoReport

      Thank you so much, Karen. I'm so glad we have someone like you making sure our kids abide by society's rules. Make sure your kids keep listening to Kidz Bop!

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