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Which team(s) in the AFC can beat the Colts?

And also, Which team(s) in the NFC can beat the Saints?

Say all who you think can and explain why.

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    AFC: Chargers, Patriots (always a threat; but doubtful)

    The team that clearly looks as if they can beat the Colts are the Chargers who are just as hot right now; if not hotter due to the fact that the Colts have needed 7 4th Quarter comebacks this season alone to protect their undefeated record. The Chargers also run the ball better then the Colts who are barely mediocre on the ground this year. Then again, with the way #18 has been playing, who needs to run the ball?

    As for the Patriots; it's always hard to rule out magic from Brady and Bellicek in the playoffs versus their hated rivals; but it doesn't look likely this year.

    NFC: Vikings, Eagles (on their best day.), Green Bay (if the O-Line holds up..)

    Vikings to me still look like the most balanced team in the NFL due to the fact they're extremely strong on the offensive and defensive lines of the ball. Easily the best offensive line in the NFL, and a top5 defensive line as well.

    The Eagles remind me of a "poor man's" Saints; as they can beat you down the field vertically, just as bad as the Saints at times can with DeSean Jackson and company. However, I give the Saints defense the edge of the Eagles.

    Green Bay also has balance on both sides of the ball minus their attrocious offensive line play. I still think the Saints have a little more firepower on offense though. However; Green Bay has been playing tremendous on defense.

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    In the AFC the Chargers, Patroits, or Ravens could beat the Colts. As stated by others, the chargers have had the colts number and are playing great right now. The Patroits showed a few weeks ago that they could hang with the Colts, so have the Ravens - who lost by 2 points and had 5 FGs and no TDs.

    In the NFC, the Vikings, Cardinals, and Eagles could beat the Saints. All 3 of them have enough offense to score with them - but I think all 3 of them have better defenses.

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    In the AFC the only team that I see that could beat the Colts would be the Chargers. If the Chargers can get a run game going at all it will cause more problems for the Colts pass rush to just concentrate on sacking Philip Rivers. If they have a run game it will somewhat offset the Colts pass rush and therefore open up the pass game giving them more time to throw the football. If the Chargers don't get a run game going I don't think they have a chance either. The only other team possible would be the Patriots. If they get in and play well in the playoffs they can beat anyone at anytime. History has shown that 3 or 4 times in the past 10 years. In the NFC I think the Vikings could beat the Saints and the Vikings right now are my favorite to win the Super Bowl. They are a very balanced team that can run and pass as well as play good defense and get after the QB. Depending on what teams are hot in the playoffs I really think their could be other teams in the NFC who can beat the Saints in the playoffs. Green Bay would be one and Philadelphia could be another. Both teams have potent offenses and the Pack has really been playing well on Defense of late.

  • Chargers And Patriots can beat the colts chargers have done great vs colts past few years and look at the highlights of NE@IND pats had the colts beat but a bad 4th and 2 is what kill us

    Vikings and Eagles can beat the saints and so can the falcons if the vikings get AP and favre goin they can beat the saints and eagles have so much young talent to take NO

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    The Chargers can beat the Colts and here's how they would do it (and how they have been doing it for years):

    Peyton Manning is a very analytical quarterback and he changes up the plays based on what he sees from the defensive alignment. In fact, the announcers were saying last night that one defensive player told them that he was just standing there on the field before the snap, when Manning called out that this guy was going to blitz. And, he said Manning was right. But, that he has no idea how Manning knew that. He was just standing there.

    When the Colts line up on offense, Manning is a maniac, calling out audibles (many times dummy decoys) and moving around all over the backfield, trying to get his team set up to play against the defensive alignment he sees. So, when the Chargers play the Colts, San Diego's defensive players mock Manning's actions. They don't line up and just stay there, like the Jaguars did last night. They also call out audibles and move around all over the place, many times in response to what Manning is doing. Then, right before the snap (and you can tell when Manning is going to call for the snap - he's that predictable), the Chargers line up in their actual formation and are ready to play.

    With all the defensive activity, Manning second guesses himself and gets confused. He may call the wrong play for the actual defense the Chargers run. He also has no idea where a blitz might be coming from (and the Chargers blitz a lot on Manning). He then gets flustered and hurried, and he makes mistakes. It's actually comical to watch.

    And, of course, the Chargers have a very explosive offense. The Colts might get a few licks in of their own. But, with Manning thrown so far off his game, they can't match the Chargers in scoring. And, next thing you know, the Chargers have won the game.

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    AFC: Chargers, Pats possibly the Bengals but doubtful.

    NFC: Minnesota, Green Bay, Philadelphia

    Colts don't seem to recover well from mistakes in the playoffs. Teams have just handed games to them on a silver platter. The Pats outplayed them last time, and the Chargers are on fire.

    I think the Saints are pretty similar, but I give them more of a chance to win it all than the Colts.

    Both ways, I don't think either team makes it to the big game.

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    The Patriots, Bengals, and Chargers are the only teams in the AFC that can beat the Colts!

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    I would say the Chragers for some reason they always play the Colts tough, but I think the Colts would beat them this year just for the simple fact that they have gotten owned by them the past couple of years. As for the Saints I think that the Vikings have the talent to do so, but at this point they showed their vulnerability when they lost to the Cards two weeks ago. So who knows, its whoever gets hot at the right time.

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    Chargers beat colts, because they are currently the best team although they had a slow start. and the Saints are losing this saturday to the Cowboys.

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    This is the NFL and any team can win if they come to play. All it will take is one team to not turn the ball over and take advantage of their mistakes. They both can be beat by all the teams left on the schedule but will they get beat, well see.

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