anybody answer, guys and girls, please! :) ?

^^ that was my old question, you don't have to read it all it's just about like, me and this guy got in a fight and he told me not to text him anymore... but kay, so it's been like a week since that happened and i didn't text him and like 2 nights ago he texted me, but i didn't kow it was him cause i deleted his number so i wouldn't text him. he was like " April " but i was already sleeping so i replied the next morning and i was like " i'm sorry, who's this? " and he was like " no one " and i was like " well then why'd you text me last night? " and he was like " nvm sorry bye " and i was like " oh, okay pce " and then i asked my friend who's number that was and it was his :\ .. and he hasn't texted me since then. i unno what to do again! i WANT to talk to him. what do i do?


ALSO, what does this mean? like was he thinking of me? did he miss me or something?

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    he probably wanted to apoloqize and talk to you. you should explain to him you were just mad and u deleted his number and that you were sleeping. if he likes you that much im sure he'll understand. :) hope this helps!

    Can you answer my newest question ? Please i really need some feedback ?


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