sound update help PLEASE IM DYING?

well i went to play music today and it didn't work for the third time, the last time geek squad fixed it and the girl like un dowladede the updates for like 2 weeks back or she like made it so those updats didnt update yet how do i do that...because im alomst positive it will work please!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    That's not the way to fix it - you need the updates. You have to find out WHY sound isn't working, and FIX it. (What she did is like putting a really tight bandage on a severed artery - you'll still bleed to death, you'll just think the problem is fixed.) It could be something that damaged the sound card driver. Reinstall a fresh download of the driver. (Or take the computer to a real repair shop.)

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    agreed, geek squad did absolutely nothing, and wasted your money. try clicking start,control pannel, sounds and audio devices, make sure device volume slider is on high. click advanced, amd make sure volume control and wav sliders are fully up. some times volume is up, but wav is turned way down. if your audio card has correct drivers and functioning correctly, you should have full sound,

  • bub101
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    1 decade ago

    you could try system restore I updated my sound card no sound so i freaked out for secound then remembered system restore it fixed it

    start then help support system restore then pick date 2 weeks ago good luck hope this helps!

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