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Do Honda dealers negotiate used care prices?

I looked at a few and the dealers would not drop the prices!

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    ok first most dealers don't expect to sell the car at their sticker price cause their not worth it and they know that too. they purposely put their prises up a little so when you go there you you will ask them to lower the price. At first they"ll say no but of course they will drop it a little but thy will never drop to the actual value the car. So when they drop down say a couple thousand and make it less you think that your getting a good deal but its really a trick that they use to get you to buy . they make the price high and cut down a little on it an d make you think that your getting a good deal when your not it a trick evreyone uses. On new cars they dont do that becuase the msrp is what they have to go with

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    Nothing says they have to.

    You the buyer, do not regulate the prices.

    I've bought and sold several dozen cars, as a private seller. Not a single one of them was negotiable.

    Why? Because the price was already as low as I would accept, that's why. The prices were clearly advertised, and yet, people would ask if I'd change it.

    Do you go into a grocery store and ask if the prices can be lowered?

    No. A price tag is a price tag.

    Some may negotiate, depending on how much they want to get rid of the car, but like I said, nothing says they have to. And it's absurd to think that they should. It's a tough economy. The idea is to make money, not give discounts.

    If you don't like the price, it doesn't hurt them. They can find someone else who isn't cheap on the wallet.

    I always have.

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      You do understand car prices work differently than grocery prices? Why should a car on a dealer cost cost way more than a car from a private seller? And to call the OP cheap? You're just probably butthurt after paying full sticker price for a car, giving the dealer thousands in profit.

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    It doesn't matter what kind of dealer they are, used car prices are usually controlled by how much money they invested in the car.

    There are times when the dealer gave the person that traded in the car too much money so they are stuck to sell the car for a certain amount.

    Used cars are all different so they are really regulated by how much a buyer will pay. If they have a used car too long they will sometimes take a loss to sell it, but that is not very common.

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    There is nothing in the franchise agreement between the manufacturer and dealership that regulates the prices on used cars.

    If the dealer isn't willing to work with you on the price, simply take your business elsewhere.

    It's your hard earned money, do what is in YOUR best interest! A used car is a used car. Have it checked by a mechanic and if it's good to go...who cares where you purchased it?

    Personally, I don't like to do business with anyone that isn't willing to negotiate. In this economy I would think dealers would be willing to do whatever it takes to sell a car. Let those dealers sit on those over-priced cars!

    We all vote with our dollars...sounds like they don't want your business too bad....

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    No, this is not the policy of Honda. I have never heard of dealers refusing to negotiate on used cars, except Carmax.

    But it's not illegal. Dealers can charge any price they wish. But this is highly arrogance on the part of this dealer. In a capitalistic market, consumers are in charge, not the retailers. Piss off the consumers and they can put you out of business. There is no way that dealer will survive with their arrogance.

    Like others have said, goto another dealer that isnt as arrogant. Hopefully they will realize pissing off consumers doesnt pay.

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    Every dealer negotiates if they are convinced you are buying a car today.

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    Yes they do!!!!!!!!!!11 Ask for the used car head honcho. All they can say is no. Good luck.

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    we the people can regulate the prices. all we have to do is stop paying the rediculous price they are asking

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    Why should they? They're a business, not a charity.

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