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Ballet Britt asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

What should i do for a lid?

I got a betta fish, Kwop Kilawtley, and he has a big tank, but it had no lid, and i need a lid because i have two cats, what should i do for a lid? and here are some other questions i have about betta's (siamese fighting fish for those who dont know...)

1) How much should i feed him? i have the little betta fish pellets, and the pet store guy said he gave them three a day, but when i feed Kwop Kilawtley he eats it fast and looks around for more?

2) What kind of container is best? i have "The Betta kit" it has a tiny box-like aquarium, is trhat good?

3) what temperture should it be at? trhe water in the tank is a mix of tap water and water from my dads fish tank, is that good enough? or should it be just room temp tap water with the betta conditioner in it?

4) rocks? the containers the petstore keeps betta's in are just jars with water, should i put rocks and plants in with Kwop Kilawtley or just leave him in it alone, cuz he looks empty and alone without anything else.

5) He just sits at the bottom most of the day, until i come into the room and sit with him, then he starts doign laps, but other ppl with betta's say theres sits in teh middle, not at the bottom, is this okay or is my fish sick??

6) Would bigger rocks, or smaller gem-like rocks be better for Kwop Kilawtley's tank? becuase i have alot, so would a mix be good? or would one be better than the other?

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  • Sibyl
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    1. Feed him 2-3 pellets per day as a staple diet but skip one day a week. Occasionally you can give him frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms as a treat. Fish will overeat which is detrimental to their health. Even though your fish still looks hungry you have to set the limit.

    2. Odds are the "betta kit" is a piece of crap. A betta should have about a 5 gallon tank with a gentle filter, and a heater. *A full aquarium hood is also a must because these fish can and do jump*

    3. Bettas are tropical fish and so require a heater in most if not all cases to maintain a proper steady temperature between 78F-82F. You should have a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

    -"Room temperature" water is rarely warm enough for bettas.

    4. A bare tank can be a source of stress for fish. I suggest filling the bottom with a layer of gravel and either using live plants or silk plants to fill in the back and sides to make the fish feel less exposed.

    5. Your fish is probably cold and suffering from poor water quality. You need to check the temperature and test your water.

    6. I would use small grade aquarium gravel.

    As for a lid, anything will do temporarily until you get Kwop Kilawtley into a proper tank. I am using a screen lid over my 5.5 gallon until I get my hood for Christmas.

  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    if they are that tuff they should be able to handle the cats

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