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Is Chris Bosh the best PF in the game today?

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    Bosh is The Only True Poward Forward in NBA besides Boozer.

    Bosh shoots' rarely when hes covered but when hes open he drains the jumper.

    He can score,rebound.Block,and pass.His game is similar to Chris webber.

    The Only difference between Boozer and Bosh is Defence.Bosh averages more steals and blocks then Boozer.

    I consider Dirk a Small forward because he always shoots.How often have you seen him dunk.

    When he posts up he shoots fade-a-ways EVERY TIME!

    In Conclusion:Yes,Chris Bosh is The Best Power Forward in NBA.

    (tim duncan usually plays centre now)

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    nope his d isnt good enough. tim duncan is clearly better and so is nowtiski.

    bosh is averaging 23.8 ppg 11.2 rebounds a game 1 bpg and 2 assists

    duncan is averaging 20.1 ppg 10.8 rpg 2 blocks and over 3 assists including good defense plus duncan shoots less shot attempts has a higher field goal percentage plays 4 less minutes and is the best player on a team over 500.

    nowitski and bosh isnt even a comparison. nowitski is averaging 26 and 8 hitting gamewinners on one of the top 5 teams in the nba.

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    Probably not, I would rather have Duncan any day. Bosh is more of a center anyway. But also watch out for Andrew Bynum, because now that Pau is playing center, that boy is just a BEAST.

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    Nope, he's still too soft inside, and settles for jumpers too often. I'd still take Duncan, Garnett, Dirk and Amare over him.

    Source(s): Mamba
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  • Stoudemire started playing PF, so, i'm not so sure.

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    Nah man, his stats are nice but his team is porous. He may be top 5.

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