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I having been playing basketball for ten years now.I am seventeen.I play for an aau basketball team and the school team.I have been on varsity since freshman.In the paper it says I am an phenomenal defense player.It says I irritate the crap out of people I guard.But anyways I just am horrible on offense.I suck at it.I would be a great player if I could learn to be a better offense player.How could I learn?

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    Nice, well in the plays you run, there may be a play where you may be open in a certain spot or position. When you find that spot, practice shooting from there everyday until you have perfected it.

    PS Who are u FYI must be good 2 be on Varsity!


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    Well, all you can do is just practice your shooting and get open and shoot the ball during games, but look at some of the NBA stars who didn't have offense. Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace have been defensive specialists, and they average like 5-7 PPG, and they had amazing NBA careers. (Wallace is still having a great career). Offense isn't as important as defense. Defense leads to wins and championships.

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    Honestly, no one can just teach you offense. Defense, truthfully, leads to offense. Just focus on playing great defense, and don't change your game because of it. Maybe, spend some extra time with your coaches, and ask them what would make you a more well rounded offensive player.

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    you have to have a different view of it. you cant be telling yourself oyu suck, u gotta believe you are the best. and dont think too much about what you are doing in a game, just do it. stick with what you are doing now, if it is going well for you.

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    wow and your on varsity!

    im pretty sure theres a reason why! ? !

    but just learn the plays have quick feet

    always find the open spots to cut into and

    get the ball and shoot

    Loser! jk! :)

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