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What is the best horde character and its class for pvp in world of warcraft?

I am looking for Pking solo and also in group.

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    haha forgive me but what a stupid question. the best race/class is tough to answer because it matters so much on how you play and what you want to acomplish. but since you want to solo and pvp i suggest a warlock priest or hunter at this point i say go for looks :-). warlocks as you may know can summon pets which if taken all the way can do big time damage!!! a lvl 50 imp can do like 200 dmg with one fireball. and a priest can heal good for groups because you can heal your friends but it is not fun unless you get dirty so hunters can summon pets and are preatty good pvp hand to hand, so look at the above metioned classes and if you dont like them be a plaiden they arent fun to play and not fun to play against (they always win pvp). as for race just go for looks i like orcs trolls look wierd in wow and blood elvs are gay (but strong) taren are interesting and undead if you want .

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    The best race is probly undead. If you want to play lots of BG's then get a mage or WL for massive AoE. If your more into arena then get a rogue for big crits on single targets.

    P.S. if WL be destro, if mage be arcane, and if rogue be assassination

    P.P.S rogue mutilate owns

    Source(s): for talent calculator. Also i play all 3 classes
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