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Fox News Propaganda bothers you?

Propaganda is information, often inaccurate information, which a political organization publishes or broadcasts in order to influence people.

Propaganda is a form of communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position.

Before you answer could you take the time to not be a jackalope and actually understand what the word Propaganda means.

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    You left out the part of the definition that includes rumors. If you want to fully understand the definition of a word you must also understand the words in that definition.

    A rumor is defined as:

    1 : talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source

    2 : a statement or report without known authority for its truth


    The definition of propaganda is:

    the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person


    Real news reporters are expected to report the news without any bias at all. Neither Fox nor MS NBC do this. That is why they are not news stations but actually entertainment stations.

    However, MS NBC does have a slightly higher standard. MS NBC will verify information before disseminating it, and Fox will report rumors as fact.

  • Anonymous
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    Welcome to the anti-propagandist's club, but realize that the Fox News people are the descendants of the Johnson Democrats and are merely using the techniques that were honed against the Barry Goldwater campaign in '64 by the so-called liberals.

    The only difference between the right wing and liberal propaganda today is that right wingers are about as subtle as a sledge hammer while the liberals have tried to work you over with kid gloves. Apparently the lack of subtlety isn't working and why the rise of someone as blunt as Keith Olbermann on the left doesn't surprise me.

    Another difference is that the conservatives appeal to personal greed, while the liberals work on individual conscience and fear of the what if: what if I become disabled, what if I'm not capable of earning a decent living, what if I become a victim of prejudice, etc., etc.

    Of course the conservatives also use fear, primarily the fear attack from foreign invaders (minus the alien workers of course, because they need cheap labor to replace the expensive Americans) as well as the fear of hugger muggery and those dastardly black folk who were only born to steal from the whites.

    The truth is, both sides of the political spectrum use propaganda to further their cause, it's just that the Republicans have been more successful at it lately than the Democrats. But could the reason for their success have something to do with the fact that neo-con Republicans like Roger Ailes were once very successful Democrats and have simply carried over and improved upon their brilliant techniques of brainwashing to their latest political incarnation.

    As many users of this Website already know, Ryunkin is strictly an independent thinker with a curse on both your houses mindset. So, although he currently despises the liars at Fox News, he can in no way forgive the bungling idiots on CNN and MSNBC for their attempts to turn him into a brainwashed chump as well.


  • Akkita
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    Propaganda of any type should bother you - no matter who it is coming from.

    But from your post - I see only Fox News bothers you.


    Was that a Fox News reporter that asked Obama what "enchanted him about

    the presidency" ?

    In this country - you and I have the freedom of choice.

    If you don't like Fox News - TURN THE CHANNEL

    Its easy - especially if you have a remote , you don't even have to move.

    Personally I don't watch just one news outlet - with satellite , cable and the

    internet it is possible to verify facts , understand what is conjecture or

    just someone's opinion , you just have to get away from chats and blogs and

    take the time , energy and have the desire to look .

    Source(s): Life before the internet - When all we had was Cronkite
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    You understand, of course, that the phrasing of your question qualifies as propaganda. Not that I disagree with you...the airwaves are stuffed with examples of how all the news networks promote corporate agendas and political points of view via their editorial choices and so-called "talk" shows...but your own bias is as transparent as anyone's in the way you asked your question. Biased questions, which indicate the answer acceptable to the asker and in so many cases are designed to negatively label anyone who disagrees with the asker, are a hallmark of propaganda broadcasts.

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  • Anonymous
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    If you just single out Fox News, you are bias. How about the left wing propaganda?

    Source(s): No news shows affect my ability to make a sound decision, concerning political points of view. I fully believe that the American Electorate is ignorant.
  • Anonymous
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    electronics media is shell and the shell has propaganda content . News is a carrier of propaganda

    purpose of news channel is like all corporate endeavour and that is commecial value

    In India news channels appears to thrive of film propaganda

    Fox news like wise is true to its piper who calls the tunes

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    OK pal since propaganda bothers you stop doing it. Cap & Trade explain it, Health Care Bill explain it thousands of pages long! Tell me any democrat outside of Harry Reid and his co-authors that know what the bill will stand for. It doesn't take thousands of pages to explain how something works unless it is masking something. You say Propaganda? The Health care bill is PROPAGANDA now that's what that is. Since you instituted this question I guess you are spreading PROPAGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Gee thanks for letting all our liberal democratic friends know what propaganda is. I am sure your definition will help them to see that that is exactly what NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC have been doing for years.

    I know most of them have TV and just like the woman on TV who was waiting in line to get her welfare ck said, "It's Obama Money!", they think that it the truth too.

    Now, how about explaining to them that it is propaganda what the public gov. controlled schools are teaching our kids today?

    Source(s): Common sense - What so many politicians don't have!
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    If you are asking whether Fox News Propaganda bothers me, the answer is no. I have the intelligence to stay away from a channel i don't agree with.

  • Joe
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    1 decade ago

    Got any facts?

    Sorry, I guess if you had you would have listed them. So, I guess this question is your version of bs propaganda?

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