Are we too late? Are the higher-ups planning to reset the earth?

Has it already begun? Has the richest most-powerful people that seem to be fighting AGAINST Climate change initiatives. I have been watching a show about how the Earth would be just a few years after people. It would be possible for a family to survive generations using our current technology. But due to population control techniques, what better way to downsize the population. You give them the means to destroy their own environment.

How long would it take for the earth to recover to habitable levels for humans, if said humans that were to survive could do so in a climate controlled facility?

The only people with the means and money to do this are the elite rich. No middle class or lower class individual would even have the opportunity to survive catastrophic Global Climate Change.

So how long would it take to kill everyone? Well considering there is enough oil in the canadian tar sands for 127 years(a fact that as a Canadian I am not proud of) That should just about do it. Except for the lucky few to survive, i Bid you farewell. To those that do survive, start the next civilization on growing hemp for fuel. as it can definitely provide all you fuel needs and everyone can benefit from it. Not just the super Elite.

"If we started now, There are too many people on Earth to be sustained just off of Hemp." Is this Statement True??? This is my question!!!

"Science isn't a strong point for the far-right - perhaps you should avoid it."

-Charles Veidt


Sorry but Virus' don't work as we can see with HIV. People are controlling HIV and living years longer with medication (that bigpharma make huge amts of money off of). But these meds not only are bad for you but need to be used in conjunction with Marijuana or Hemp THC oil. A new way method of eating the extracted THC, one gram a day for 60 days of pure oil, building your tolerance with smaller doses for the first few weeks is advisable. This drug apparently gives your body the tools to get a good rest while recovering from diseases like Cancer and Diabetes, all while fighting off the cancer and healing the pancreas to stop Diabetes in its tracks so that you don't need insulin anymore. It's also said this oil will cure anything from hemorrhoids to skin cancer.

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There is a reason the government doesn't like Marijuana. And it is NOT for the safety of anyone. Not YOU, Your Children, Or me.

Update 2:

The Fact of the matter is, 53% of Canadians WANT MARIJUANA LEGAL. It is time the governement stepped back and let us study this plant ourselves. Or at least let us, in a court of law, show them our evidence. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do a study on a plant. How long do they need to study a plant for? Look if it takes them this long to tell us the truth then they don't have the mental capabilities to run a government.

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    At the beginning of the 20th century, the Earth had about 2 1/2 billion people. Now we are approaching 7 billion. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that humanity is in big trouble. In the past this has been one of the main causes of societal collapse for example on Easter Island or native American groups in the US Southwest as humanity has exhausted local resources. Now it is happening on a global scale. I fear for the next generation.

    Source(s): I teach Geography and History
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    not exactly sure wat ur question is but ill try

    1 climate change doesn't have enough proof to support its existence

    2 its almost impossible for humans to reset the earth only mother nature could do that with an ice age

    3 the facilities are a bunch of bogus meant to scare the crap out of you and to make you convert to the environmentalists beliefs (which is mostly crap)

    4 it would take a really really long time to kill off everybody

    5 the amount of oil is just in the tar sands not to mention the arctic, the middle east and under the ocean. not to mention people are working on perfecting nuclear fusion (not fission) and fusion is the only sustainable source for energy because it uses tiny particle and the only byproduct is helium (no nuclear waste).

    6 your probably thinking about the movie 2012 and how the rich get to board the arks. This is never going to happen because it would take billions of years for the earth to melt it's own crust.

    7 forget the hemp stuff and ya there probably is too many people

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    You are ranting like an insane person who has barely enough knowledge and though processes available to be dangerous.

    No one is trying to kill off global populations. We are still capable of maintaining our current population, as with new technologies, such as sustainable energy sources, we will even cease to rely of fossil fuels.

    It is estimated that using current agricultural methods, assuming no disasters, and nothing like bad droughts, Earth can maintain a maximum of 10 billion people.

    If we evil people in Western Civilization people could control Earth so much that we could attack the rest of the globe via climate change - don't you think that we would already have been controlling the day-to-day, or at least annual weather of our cities? Our agricultural lands?

    If we could strike people down like that, because obviously, we would have the climate capability, we would have already been forcing drastic heat waves and droughts on people, or terrible hurricanes, monsoons, and floods. Much easier than waiting for billions for people to die over hundreds of years. Why not just smack 'em with the equivalent of a climate nuclear weapon?

    Seriously, think through your arguments before you actually vocalize them

    Source(s): Experienced geologist.
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    Climate change would be the worst and dumbest way to kill off people. It is real tho but its our lazy fathers and mothers that started it with a careless attitude toward the environment and one that i am ashamed to say my generation has picked up. you want proof, tell me why anyone living in a sub urban city would need an escalade? or any suv for that matter.

    But in reality if the super elite rich wanted to reset the population, they would use their funds to create a virus or something similar and have the only antidote. then disperse it over the world and only keep around those people that they deem worthy of being with them, or serving them ( cuz we all know the super elite rich fat cats aren't going to be growing their own food or cleaning their own homes). Superflu is the weapon of choice for such evil and non-existent group.

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    I find it somewhat ironic that the rabid right are fighting to discredit scientists and to convince the lesser educated populace that global warming is a crock, because as it stands now, very soon parts of Africa will become impossible to farm, which will cause famine and a mass exodus. So, this flood of Africans will be coming to the US as refugees, no doubt thoroughly irritating the very same traditionally bigoted right-wingers who caused the problem in the first place.

    Yup... hope they all camp in Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh's back yard.

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