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im a fan of JACKIE CHAN ( im not asain -_- movies are halarious). can you give me a funny movie of his? dont..?

say shanghai 1,2 or rush hour 1,2,3, around the world in 80 days. ive already seen those. can you give me other sugestions?

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    I haven't seen all of Jackie Chan's movies, but here is a list of the ones I've watched and enjoyed (ranked highest to lowest). All of these films have humor in it.

    1.) Project A ( The most hilarious Jackie movie I've seen ).

    2.) SuperCop (with michelle Yeoh, fight choreography impressive)

    3.) Police Story 4 ( That ladder fight scenes was incredible. Very funny film and alot of action).

    4.) Drunken Master ( found it interesting - unique fighting style).

    5.) Wheels on Meals ( Greatest fight scene with Benny the Jet)

    6.) Thunder Bolt - ( Absolutely love the modified race cars)

    7.) Rumble in the Bronx (Greatest overall stunts )

    8.) Twin Dragons - ( Decent movie, it has it moments. 2 different Jackie characters and personalities)

    9.) Who Am I - (Not his best film, but overall entertaining movie. Excellent 2 on 1 fight scene on the roof).

    10.) Mr. Nice Guy -( Silly story and characters. There is a cameo appearance of Sammo..hilaroius)

    11.) Gorgeous - ( Co stars beautiful Qi Shu, who was also in the movie "The Transporter". Outstanding asian boxing scene with Brad Allen vs Jackie).

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    Mr. Nice Guy

    The Accidental Spy

    Wheels on Meals

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    The Tuxedo

    Kung Fu Panda (he was the voice of Monkey)

    The Spy Next Door (new movie coming in January 2010)

    Legend of Drunken Master

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    The Cannonball Run (although he is not the main star, he does have some good bits)

    the Drunken Master series

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    The Forbidden Kingdom is a pretty good movie and there is also Jet Li is in it too.

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    Twin Dragons

    Rumble in the Bronx

    I saw these when I was a child so I don't remember them well, but I suppose they were entertaining.

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    The remake of "the karate kid" Its not out yet but I have seen the preview. This movie is going to completly suck and to me that is funny as hell.

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    "who am i?" is a really good jackie chan film i love it :)

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