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Ramadan - Why are the Shia using these verses out of context and their revelation?

Context of Revelation : The following verse was revealed when the the Prophet took an oath to please his wives that he would never again drink the libation made from honey even though he was fond of it and Allah has made honey to be a lawful and salubrious beverage for Muslims

Ouzibillahi Mina shytan Al Rajeem

Bismillahi Al Rahman Al Raheem

66 : 1

O Prophet! Why do you forbid that which Allah has made lawful to you, in a bid to please your wives? Allah is Forgiving, Merciful

66 : 2

Allah has made lawful for you (believers) absolution from such oaths! And Allah is your Protector. He is Aware and HE is Wise.

(The reference here is to an incident that occurred in the Prophet's household.

Briefly, as a responsible and caring husband with more than one wife, he used to take rounds being with them and giving his attention to each with utmost fairness.

However, on one occasion when he was with Hadrath Zainab, she enticed him to stay with her for longer by giving a 'Sherbet'.

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But Hadrath Hafsa and Ayesha, his other two wives. became jealous and as soon as he came out her chamber, teased him that he had bad breath.

Especially sensitive to bad breath, he swore that if honey was giving him bad breath, he would never touch it again.

The Revelation was intended to accentuate the fact that it is wrong to deem unlawful anything that Allah has deemed lawful and oaths taken to this effect are not binding)

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Context of Revelation : The following verse was revealed when a delegation of Christians argued with the Prophet that, if Allah was not the father of Jesus, then it follows that Jesus was born without a father, which is a biological impossibility.

3 : 59

The likeness of Jesus (in the eyes of) Allah is the same as Adam. He created Adam out of dust, then He said to him : 'Be!' and he was!

(The comparison drawn between Adam and Jesus was to accentuate the fact that Allah has the power to do whatever pleases Him. If He could create Adam out of potter's clay without a father or a mother, why should He not be able to cause Jesus to be born to Mary without a father?

When we are talking about Adam and Jesus, we are not talking in terms of copulation and ovulation, but are delving into the realm of Divinity and Omnipotence!)

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3 : 60

This is the Truth from your Lord (O Mohammed) so be not of those who hesitate!

(This is precisely how events surrounding the birth and Resurrection of Jesus transpired, so let there be no doubts in anybody's minds about it).

3 : 61

If anyone comes to you forthwith in order to altercate with you over him even after this knowledge which has come to you, say to them : 'Why not bring together our children and your children and our women and your women and ourselves and yourselves, then pray to Allah to confirm the truth and invoke His curse upon those who lie?'

(This verse is known as the verse of 'Mubahala' that can be translated into English as the 'challenge'. When the delegation of Christians mentioned above was thus challenged by Allah through the Prophet, they declined to take it up after consultation with their priests).

They placed these ayats on Ayisah Ra. using them against her? Do you see anything in there that Allah SWT is upset with Ayisha Ra.a for?

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    You worry too much about Shia Muslims.

    Think of the day that you will be called to account for your deeds - what will you say? Will you be an agent of Rahman or Shaytan? Did you create discord and fitna or did you bring Ummah together?

    Over to you!

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    i do no longer disagree entirely with the factor which you or Marty are making. i do no longer doubt that the as against quoted on your video are actual. even although, i could desire to easily as definitely make a video with absurd and/or morally reprehensible costs from the bible. purely as just about all of Christians does not sell their daughter to a rapist just about all of Muslims spurn violence in spite of what your "holy" books say.

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    if any Shia talks bad about Mother of Believers, its cause its YOUR fault

    u brought this up, u brought Aiesha into this, not one Shia was talking shyt

    but a fitna f@g cant go a day without his can of fitna, like how Popeye cant go a day without his can of spinach

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    why to talk Seriously with shia??

    as i am Egyptian i love to be funny

    please watch

    shia prayer

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    shia says ya ali madad and looses immediately lol

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