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I can't curl my hair - help me :(?

I just got a wide barrel curling iron

I dont want huge spiral curls I just want a nice wavy look.

I have really thick long hair..

and no matter what I do it wont curl nicely

I dont know if I'm doing something wrong..

and also I always get an indent in my hair where I clip it in the iron..

can someone help :(

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    Hi! :) You should use a curling product before so it curls better and always use heat protectant to minimize dammage!

    This video should help (start watching from 2:44):

    Youtube thumbnail

    For that looser waves look, don't hold the curl as long as the girl in the video did. Also, while the hair (after you curled that piece) is still just a lil bit warm, pull on the ends a little if you need to to make it looser, and then hair spray.


    Source(s): hope this helps! :)
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    Curling irons and other gadgets are becoming outdated. Someone is always trying to sell something that gives gorgeous hair and at the same time "faster and easier." The popular method for styling is rollers, plus its way better for your hair.

    For the nice looking, modern and popular pretty styles that you see around now, wet set your hair using either velcro or the plastic type of rollers. You can also style your hair in different ways, plus its better for your hair and the curls hold better and last a long time.

    This yahoo group has tons of pictures of the latest hairstyles without the spam, ads and links to go through. It takes some patience because there are so many hairstyles. You will probably find something that you like.

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    you need a pair of hot straightners personally id go for ghds then if u want waves put the iron at the top of a piece of hair and as you drag it down move your wrist 180 degrees left and as you drag down some more 180 degrees right and keep doing this to create a natural looking wave!

    to curl put the iron at the top of the piece of hair and as you drag it keep twisting it down your head you will need lots of hairspray for it to stay in x

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