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First impressions of these names?

Please don't just say ; I hate the name, or I love it. Unless thats honestly your first impression.

But tell me if you just heard this name:

1. What comes to mind

2. What would you think of this person?

3. What would you think of the parents?

4. If you had this name, would you hate it?

These are my favourite names, and favourite combinations that I plan to name my future kids.

If you hate them, get over it and just try to answer the questions :) Thanks!

Finley Alexander

Sawyer David

Julian Lucas

Archer William

Peyton Monet

Harper Alice

Nora Valerie

Amelia Willow


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    Finley Alexander- nerdy/ fishy - successful, middle class, didn't think about heir little boy growing up- i'd HATE it!

    Sawyer David- rough, handsome, outdoorsy- independent, strong, active, loving- i'd love it if i was a guy

    Julian Lucas- gay- chefs, artsy, musicians- i wouldn't like it or i'd go by my middle name

    Archer William- southern hick- divorced, impulsive, un educated- i wouldn't be smart enough to care

    Peyton Monet- artsy, artsy parents- i'd love it

    Harper Alice- cheerleader, country clubbers, i wouldn't mind it

    Nora Valerie- class president, old fashioned doting parents- i wouldn't want it

    Amelia Willow- loner, gothic- activist orhippiee parents- i wouldn't want it

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    Finley Alexander

    1) I think that if you switched them around it would sound better.

    2) I haven't met the person so I wouldn't make any assumptions (I'm not going to answer this question from this point forward because of that reason)

    3) I'd think the parents were very unique in naming their child this.

    4) I wouldn't exactly hate it but I think I would prefer my friends to call me by my middle name.

    Sawyer David

    1) I'm very sorry but to me Sawyer is a girl name so I wouldn't name a boy Sawyer.

    3) I'd think of the parent's that named their son Sue.

    4) I would hate it if I had this name

    Julian Lucas

    1) I really don't like this name. It's not a very great combination.

    3) I don't want to say what I think of the parents because I'd be mean.

    4) I really would hate it if I had this name.

    Archer William

    1) The only boy name that I like in this list. I love the name Archer and the name William so it's a good combo.

    3) I'd think the parents had good taste.

    4) Archer isn't a vey common name so I'd feel special in a way.

    Peyton Monet

    1) I'd never name my kid after an artist.

    3) I'd think that the parents are art fanatics.

    4) I would hate it.

    Harper Alice

    1) I think that Alice Harper sounds better,personally.

    3) I don't know actually...

    4) I guess I'd be neutral.

    Nora Valerie

    1) Love the names, they just don't go together.

    3) I don't know.

    4) I guess not they're pretty neutral names and they aren't very out of the ordinary.

    Amelia Willow

    1) Willow? It's a tree, you'd name your child after a tree?

    3) I'd think the parents wanted to get their kid to suffer in High School with a tree name for a middle name.

    4) I'd hate to be named after a tree.

    Sorry if this expresses my opinion too much, but I hope that it helps!

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    Finley Alexander- got a picture in my head of a cute little blonde boy, sitting at a school desk, wearing proper school uniform, like a blazer and that , for some reason . haha

    Sawyer David- don't like that name at all.

    Julian Lucas- its an ok name, not good but not a bad name, if you catch my drift.

    Archer Williams- don't like that name either.

    Peyton Monet- love the name Peyton, its my fav name, but not to keen on Monet.

    Harper Alice - sounds better the other way round - Alice Harper

    Nora Valerie - don't like it x

    Amelia Willow - i actually love that name, it just flows. x

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    Finley Alexander~ Gorgeous

    Sawyer David~ great

    Julian Lucas~ awesome

    Archer William~ beautiful

    Peyton Monet~ ugly

    Harper Alice~ ugly again

    Nora Valerie~ gorgeous

    Amelia Willow~ great

    I ll try to elaborate ans answer all your question later i am going to take a nap ^_^

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    "If you hate them, get over it and just try to answer the questions".

    ok, here goes.

    Finley.. Identity issues.

    Sawyer.. Huckleberry Finn.

    Julian.. unresolved issues.

    Archer.. wants to be tough, but is not.

    Peyton.. football player, but is a girl.

    Harper.. transgendered.

    Nora.. old lady.

    Amelia.. Earhart.

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    What comes to mind? That they are contrived names, suitable for characters in a book.

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