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Microsoft Office Access?

The Microsoft Office package I have now is a 2003 version with Access.

2009's Microsoft Office packages only include Access in their Professional version and up, which includes an assortment of programs I don't need or want.

Can I buy Microsoft Home Office and Student and install it on my computer and still be able to use my 2003 Access? Or will it toast my Access and will I be forced to buy Microsoft Office Professional?

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    Microsoft Office Access?

    One added point to avoid the quirks that sometimes occur is to customise the isstallation of Office/Access and clearly choose a folder to install to as opposed to the standard folder it will use. So I use 'Microsoft Office 2007' as a folder name and it will not overwrite some of the common files between versions.

    Final note to take on board, Outlook (if you use it) can only have one instance installed (2003 or 2007) and you should see a prompt when installing Office 2007.

    Ben Beitler

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    I think you're asking can you install Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student version, right (there is no 2009 version)? If so, yes, you should be able to install it and run it alongside your Office 2003. Sometimes there are quirks but for the most part there are no issues running two versions.

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