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Did the Muslims assassinate Lincoln, Kennedy and Luther King? Funny how when white people do things?

its forgotten and forgiven. Isn't that special!

What about all those blacks and Indians they killed to have their American Dream?

It so nice they can say Muslims did 911, yet not a Jew that worked in those buildings went to work that day. Funny huh? Why did that other Jew put double the insurance on the two towers not even 1 month before they went down?

Why didn't they find the gold at the bottom of the building? Where did that go all of a sudden?

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    President Obama's Pastor [ Rev. Jeremiah Wright ] said:

    "We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki and we nuked far more then the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye. We have supported state terrorism against the palestinians and black South Africans and now we are in indignant? Because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards? America's chickens are coming home to roost."

    @ ~ 2:10

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    "...God Damn America..." @ ~0:55

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    WTH makes you think it's been forgotten and forgiven. There are some of us white Americans who think the history of America is pretty bad and we admit it, but don't show so much ignorance by pretending muslims had nothing to do with those attacks. Don't forget the things you mention happened long ago, but Muslims are still doing it. The assassination of Lincoln, Kennedy and Martin Luther King was not done by all whites, it was done by a few ignorant, bigoted people.

    You don't know if there were any Jews in those buildings or on those planes, that just stupid Muslim rhetoric. Always blame anyone but the muslims for the bad things they do.

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    First, stop spreading lies - the rumor that no Jews were in the buildings is a LIE. I personally knew three Jewish people who died that day in those towers. I know Jewish families who lost family members that day in those towers.

    And second, no, the people who assassinated Lincoln, Kennedy, and King were not forgiven or forgotten. Lee Harvey Oswald is still reviled. Booth is still considered to be an insane traitor. Even the doctor who set Booth's leg is still controversial and his conviction has not been set aside, despite the efforts of his family.

    And third, there are plenty of people who acknowledge the terrible things that Americans did to native peoples and to African-Americans and who have worked hard to make sure that it never happens again.

    And there you are, trying to blame other people and skate out of facing the fact that Muslims blew up those buildings, and whining and moaning about how mean everyone is to you because you're Muslim. With your attitude, nothing is EVER learned and there is nothing preventing that crap from happening again.

    Next time, try telling the truth instead of spinning your repulsive conspiracy fantasies.

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    It should ALWAYS be forgotten and forgiven. In ANY case.

    Generalization is intolerable to me. You can't say for example that all Russians are terrorists because one of them blew up some building. Did he do it because he was Russian? I don't think so. He could have also been someone who was arachnophobic or loved PB & J sandwiches. Then why don't you say all people who loved PB & J sandwiches or were arachnophobic were terrorists? Why specifically the ethnicity?

    Generalization lets me know right off the bat that a person is more ignorant that possibly imaginable.

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    You make it sound like all Muslim are non white. I don't think you meant it to, but that's how it sounds. I am a white Muslim women and don't see what color has to do with 9/11. That's like saying all Muslims are Arab, when they only make up a small portion.

    But I do think you are trying to say there are bad people of all race, nations and religions and Muslims should not be blamed for everything. Non Muslims have done stuff in the name of race, religion and country but people of the same group do not get blamed to.

    I just watched a documentary about the KKK and it made me sick. Such hate in their hearts and minds subhanAllah. But I would never blame all white people for their behavior and even serous acts of terrorism. But if this was a group of Muslims then all Muslims would be blamed.

    It's a double standard for sure. I just try and ignore such people, but that's not always possible.

    And Allah knows best

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    Are you talking about Native-Americans, African-Americans, and Caucasians? Try to be a little more politically correct.

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  • Aslam-o-Alikum,

    How are you? United States is the biggest terrorist, who is killing innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and who has killed over 1.7 million innocent Iraqis according to wall street journal. It's the United States who are supporting Israel to kill innocent Palestinians and so on....yet they question us and our faith. It's the United Sates who is taking over other countries and their lands and their goods..May Allah guide all Muslims and unite all Muslims....Ameen

    Islam is alive after Karbala...

    I hope I helped

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    funny how when a crime is made by a non-Muslim its "a man in his late 30's has killed 3 people yesterday"

    then a Muslim does a crime..."27 yr old Muhammad Al-Sham, was found today with 7kg cocaine in his southern home" over it.

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    You should ask the troll.

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    good point!

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