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Microsoft access 2007 help ?? Hyperlink?

Ok so i am very new to access and i was just wondering if there was some way of putting some sort of hyperlink or something into a table that when you click, it leads to another table?? Like you can do with excel.

I'm really new so sorry if that sounds stupid but please helpp...

thankyou :)

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    Microsoft access 2007 help ?? Hyperlink?

    In a table, a hyperlink can only load and point to either another database, file, email or web site. There is no mechanism in a hyperlink to call another table.

    What you need to consider is if the calling table is related to the main table, then create a relationship by joining the two tables together (normally via the Relationship Window). See article

    Once this is place, you should see in the main table a little '+' node (to the left of each record) which can be expanded to view sub related records. If this is not showing, you need to enable the table's property 'Subdatasheet Name' (in design view, property sheet).

    If there is no relationship between the two tables, then your other option is to create a Form and have button (using the wizard control) to open another Form or Query for the table in question.

    A table does not have the functionality to add a button.

    Hope this helped.

    Ben Beitler

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