5 yr old boy, BB gun for Xmas?

Good or bad? I am the mom, have my own stance, but just want unbiased opinions. BTW we hunt and fish regularly as we live in a very rural area.

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    I think it is fine as long as there is a responsible adult around to teach him gun safety and supervise him.

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    If you hunt and fish,then he knows exactly what a gun is for,and if you as parents have set good examples on gun safety there isn't a reason not to have a BB gun,with caveats:

    You as the parent will have 100% control over the BB gun,just like I wouldn't let a 5 year old handle a 22LR without 100% control-that means you have the BB gun and he is allowed to use it-he doesn't have it in his room unless you have a trigger lock on it. When he want to use it,don't make it a "Reward or Punishment" situation,but one of responsibility. When you shot with him,make it an enjoyable thing-if there is a second air rifle handy,then two people could be shooting,and he would have something to look forward to.

    My 12 year old has a 243, and we've chased deer last two seasons,and he can put 3 boxes of ammo down range and keep everything within 4 inches at 100 yards- he is 5ft and 100 pounds. He's even shot my 30-06 with a box of reduced recoils. BUT, his rifle is under my lock,so he knows the only time it comes out is with me, and so there is no temptation to go stupid on his part. Even if I didn't have the rifles locked up,for him to have it with access it would be with a trigger lock in place,parent with the key. I think an air rifle/BB gun can be great family time,you could even do it indoors with enough room and a trap-but it is also a way to teach safety and responsibility-like safety glasses when shooting even a BB gun is a good habit to start-no it isn't hunting practice,but range safety.

    I see questions on here about the Cricket 22LR,the little "my first rifle" single shot,and while they are a good product,even a 6-7 year old will out grow it too quickly,so when it comes time to invest in a 22LR get a decent bolt action.

    Source(s): I reload for 223,243,30-06 and 300 WSM-and really proud of my son's shooting abilities.
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    I had my first BB gun before I was 5. My children have had full access to all of the firearms in the house since they were born. I would depend upon the child. I have a 15 year old nephew that I tried once to teach how to shoot. Never again. I always tell the kids to make sure that the firearms are locked up when he comes over. If he understands that a BB gun can be dangerous and knows how to operate it safely it should be fine.

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    My Father bought me a Buck Jones pump BB gun when I was 5.I could not load or work the pump. I was so proud all the older kids were shooting right on our street and no one seemed to think anything wrong. So different today when any type of BB or rifle raises concern.You know my position,get him his own BB gun. The only thing bad is society's attitude.

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    If i didn't have a bb gun when I was 5 I would've had nothing for it was my means of survival and all other things in this world. It taught me proper gun safety at an early age which stuck with me when I moved up to shooting a 12 gauge shotgun by the time i was 7. I killed my 1st deer with a 270 when I was 9 and my 1st bow kill I was 11. I now have a complete trophy room that consists of 3 170 class white tails, a 15 inch pronghorn antelope, mule deer, axis buck, bull elk, 4 full mount turkey 1 of each strain of bird (osceola,western,merriam,rio grande). Also the likes of several 7 to 9 LB bass that i didn't shoot but hooked in the lip and reeled ashore or aboat. All this was possible due to early introduction which lead to early interest which lead to many great things. I got the Spirit of the wild inside of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): bow hunter magazine, addictive hunter anonymous
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    I am going to get alot of thumbs down of this, but here we go. I didn't have a BB gun or any use for one. When I was 5 years old my dad handed me my first .22 lr and handed my 7 year old brother his first .22lr, he parked his pickup next to a gopher hill and gave each of us a box of shells. He told us how to handle them properly, and then we just went to town on the gophers. I never had a pellet gun until I was 16. It was a very short time before I got into alot of trouble in one short night and feeling my dad break my pellet gun over my a$$, and not being allowed to hunt for a long time. I think the other answers are wrong, and don't really see any reason to have a BB gun, just provide him with the right kind of adult support that can help him understand a real firearm, and go from there. I never did anything so stupid until I saved up to buy a pellet gun, and a night out with some friends, and have never had one since

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    Good teaching tool. Treat it as if it were a real firearm, and he'll learn gun safety that much more easily. Millions of us old farts were once 5 year olds with a Red Ryder and learned in just that way.

  • C_F_45
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    I would echo what "John De Witt" said, take this as an opportunity to instruct in safe firearms/airgun handling..

    Trust me, it will be some of the best memories of his life.

    Airgun - safety rules


    "A Father's Advice"


    My father taught me these things, but he didn't put it quite so eloquently.

  • BB gun aint gonna hurt anyone...it's probably just right for the little runt as long as the parents are around at all times

    a five y-o shoudn't be left alone with it

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    heck i got a 22 rifle for xmas when i was 3.

    go for it just make some rules for it.

    don't shoot it inside, never point it at people or pets.

    that is about it and he will have a blast

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