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Did Rocco really write this email?


I don't want to alarm you but l know John Smith.

We known each other since College and recently reconnected again.

He told me about this website and how he met you on it and he also told me what happened between the two of you.

After hearing his story and what was said l believe it's a misunderstanding and that you should give him another chance or at least be his friend. Guys like John you won't find anywhere else Rosie. His a good person honest maybe too honest but that's the way he is and was brought up to be a kind and caring man.

Please reconsider and if and when your ready you can connect John again.

He has been thought a terrible time recently he lost his friend from cancer and h has tried moving on has been on several site but nothing so far. He is going to take a break from dating and try again hopefully in April.

So please take at heart what has been said and sorry for bothering you.

Take Care


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    looks like John Smith wrote this or he told Rocco to do it.

    I don't know John Smit and Rocco so I cannot be sure 100%.

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