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I have nine points I need to summarize in three main points.Its difficult. Just three points per made up topic?

Well the question was:

How can 2000-2010 be described as a risk period?

And here are my small points:

Entertainment; celebrity partying, death, drugs, picture scandals

War: Many dangerous wars, terrorism, suicide bombers, iraq

Drugs: drug wars, smuggling, local growing

Rebellious youth: green peace, vandalism, dangerous activities (videoing jackass stunts etc..) youth prostitution

Health: expiramental medications/medical expiraments, H1N1 and cervical cancer vaccines not tested?

Violence: shootings, kidnappings, african violence (war child)

Education: skipping, lowered grades, university stats

Environmental: global warming, garbage (dumps, litter), what could happen eventually

Internet/computer technology: cyber preditors, webcam and cell phone cam watching, hacking of government files and important files.

Just the main subject of the point should be put together... I just cant figure out a general name for each.

This is just generalized and I will realate it all to risk

Like this:

Generalized name - point, point, point (from above)

Generalized name - point, point, point (from above)

Generalized name - point, point, point (from above)

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    well, i honestly think that you have a great start..

    you can definitely keep Entertainment as a main point that can fall under the category of celebrities which falls under partying and under partying there are drugs and the issues regarding that... which leads into health issues and you could include mental health under health issues ( rebellious youth) and violence (stemming from mental health)... finally you can just have education... and internet steps under that. and environment as well since we're learning about our environment.

    Entertainment - celebrities, partying, drugs

    Health - mental health - > violence (war too), rebellious youth. etc...

    education --- internet aids in this. and we are also being educated about our environment

    Best of luck - sorry that i'm not much help

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    You seem to have a pretty good grasp of the main topics, I think I can help. Perhaps you can cluster them together like this:

    I. Technology: Web cam, hacking, social networks

    II. Education: University stats, teacher pay, new policies

    III. Violence: kidnappings, war, suicide bombers

    Basically, I saw that some points in each subject could be moved around. Like under technology, you could place cyber predators with violence if you wish.

    Good Luck!

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