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Kendo and the nutrition needed?

A part of a school project of mine (subject is kinesiology) is to research a sport and its relation to human performance (nutrition, physiological principles, training principles, biomechanics).

For example, a long-distance runner would probably load up on carbs and a few fats for long-term energy. A sprinter would consume more sugars, etc.

My partner and I decided to demonstrate Kendo. But I can't really find anything about the type of nutrition needed for it. Can anyone help?

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    I have never heard of a specific nutrition program for Kendoka. Kendo is more anaerobic than aerobic, but the duration of shiai may start to trigger the aerobic system as well. The nutritional requirements would be similar to a long distance sprinter (400m or 800m). So the energy pathway most likely to be used will be ATP-Phosphocreatine system for the first few minutes of shiai since there are bursts of activity followed by periods of physical inactivity. Considering it isn't a sustained physical activity I would assume that they would still be operating anaerobically for a majority of the shiai, though perhaps moving into a anaerobic + aerobic combination near the end. In that respect, I would think that foods rich in creatine (meats) would be recommended in addition to sugars in order to sustain the anaerobic process for longer.

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    You need a nutrition program geared towards muscle development and flexibility. Kendo requires significant development of the muscles, bones and tendons throughout the entire body, so you'll want a diet rich in calcium, protein, dark leafy greens and fish oils.

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