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Fantasy Football- Who should I start between the following receivers?

Derick Mason

Donald Driver

Steve Breaston

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    Derrick Mason

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    Mason is listed with the Questionable "Q" in ESPN's fantasy report. He missed practice on Wed and Thurs and was limited today. The Raiders don't give up a whole lot of passing yards at home (188 avg) and if he's going to be matched up against Nnamdi at all, he's going to get covered up. Wouldn't risk Driver and Mason is a huge hit or miss this week. If you prefer playing it safe, go with Mason and hope he proves the reports wrong. If you want to get gutsy, maybe go with Breaston.

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    Derick Mason and Donald Driver

  • Mason is the only player on a team with a stake in their game this weekend, thus he's the only one guaranteed to get playing time, and he's been on fire this week.

    You could start Breaston and hope that he gets some increased time with Fitzgerald and Boldin sitting, but even if so, Leinart may end up throwing him the ball at some point.

    I'd roll with Mason.

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    Donald Driver for a couple of reasons

    1) Mason is going against the raiders, which means asomugha will be all over him on sunday...people are getting so caught up in the "Revis Treatment" that they forget about him

    2) The packers will want to play this game and not rest because they could be facing the same team in the playoffs that is the cardinals

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    I would go with Mason. ARI may or may not play starters depending on Minnesota's game, and that will likely influence if GB plays starters.

    Mason is the only solid option that is guaranteed play time, but keep your eyes and ears open for how the Minnesota game is going, and if they look to win, then definitely stick with Mason as ARI and GB will probably sit their starters because they will play each other again in the first round of the playoffs.

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    mason should hav a big game against the raiders and being the #1 receiver and playoffs on the line their looking to win and will go to who they know will take care of the ball. definitely go with mason.

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    Mason is hurt i think, so I'd take Driver over Steve

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