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Which has caused more trouble for the US, war on terror or war on drugs?

both are unwinnable, pointless and cost too much money


making both of these a war is using a sledgehammer to swat a fly.

terrorism is a crime and needs to be dealt through investigation and law enforcement, not through massive military actions which destroy homes, creating orphans and more terrorists.

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    the war on drugs is pointless, I will agree with you on that point. The war on terror, should have been preeminently focused on destroying those who would conspire to create terrorist acts (not nation building).

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    Who stated you could not get drugs anymore? My homeboys shouldn't are becoming that memo as a results of fact they are nonetheless doing it huge. and you be responsive to what the conflict on terror is going to be an identical way. the international is an fairly extensive place and the U. S. can not disguise all and sundry perpetually. somebody or some thing will consistently fall for the time of the cracks.

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    The stupid war on drugs has gone on for 25 years and cost more than the current military and para-military operations of the U.S. We destroy the farmers coca crops, we have helicopters looking for drug traffickers, and we fund the right-wing militias of the Uribe government because he is Hugo Chavez nemesis and the CIA really want to eliminate Chavez and the FARC backed by our taxpayer money. Let's end this stupid Reagan intervention and stop drug use from within our borders and at the Mexican border.

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    War on anything creates more war which is great for the profiteers that is why this (War on terror, War on crime, War on drugs etc) is being drummed into us by the government, media and press.

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    The war on drugs has more deaths than the American troop death in Iraq. Phoenix, AZ has the most kidnapping rates in the world, and it is caused by drugs. the stats on it are, 1 drug related kidnapping a day. I say that it is the drug war that is the worst atm

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    The war on drugs is a war on our own people . It does not address the root of the problem ; and is all very profitable for some people .

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    LOL Americans have caused more trouble for the world than they're worth it's only right you inbred pieces of **** get exactly what you deserve. So shut the f++++ up.

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    The republicans started both of these loser wars and now the Democrats are expected to win these?

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    And we would have less trouble if we surrendered to the Islamofascists' demands? Of course, liberals thought that the war against European fascists was "unwinnable", pointless and cost too much money, too.

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    your alternative?

    Give up?

    sounds like a lefty to me.

    would you like to open our borders and allow the islamic extremists to turn America into what THEY want? Will you embrace sharia law?

    would you like to open our borders and allow the free importation of heroin and cocaine? Will you be happy when you kid tries crack for the first time?

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