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DId Adolf Hitler Start The Holocaust?

If so, how? or what was his part in the holocaust?

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    The outbreak of the Second World War meant that the racially based Social Darwinist notions espoused by the Nazi regime in Germany were spread further across Europe, in a similar way to how war had spread the ideas of the French Revolution. The success of Germany’s military campaigns between 1939 and 1942 gave Adolf Hitler the opportunity to radically alter the racial, ethnic, and political shape of the parts of Europe that the Germans managed to occupy.

    The Second World War provided the Nazi regime with plenty of victims for their genocidal objectives of redrawing the ethnic, racial, and nationalities map of Europe especially in relation to its Jewish populations and the occupied territories in Poland and the Soviet Union. Entire Jewish communities were removed from all over Europe to the concentration camps where the majority of the Holocaust’s minimum of six million victims were murdered as part of Hitler and Himmler’s final solution of the Jewish problem which also included forced labour camps and cruel yet pointless medical experiments. As well as the Holocaust the Nazi also conducted mass extermination of civilian populations in Poland, Czechoslovakia, parts of Yugoslavia, and most brutally in the Soviet Union....

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    That is a question I don't think anybody knows the answer to. He was no doubt mentally ill, I don't know what the exact diagnoses would be, I'm sure there was more than one. He may have just been influenced by the not uncommon antisemitism of the time and place he was from. It may have been something like racism in the South, especially in the past, a lot of people in Austria were antisemitic but probably would not have hurt Jewish people. Some have said things like he was kept out of an art school by a Jewish person or something, I don't know. SOme even say he had some Jewish ancestry himself. He had little in the way of normal human feelings and apparently felt no regrets or guilt about what he was doing. But while the majority of the German people had nothing to do with the Holocaust, it was an absolute dictatorship with no freedom of the press, speech, etc, still he had to have some willing to go along with him in the beginning to implicate his ideas. By the time the war was going on, many in the military had to follow the orders regarding camps and things like that. But at the beginning of his rise to power, other antisemities were also in high places in Germany. He killed Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, people who opposed him politically, people from Poland and other countries he invaded, Christian clergy who opposed his views, disabled people, and mentally challenged people, and ironically, mentally ill people. If somebody with Hitler's type ideas had been in power, Hitler himself may have been killed.

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    Well he was the leader of the Nazi party and lead Germany on their invasion of Europe - which also included the implementation of their "final solution" which was the holocaust. It was from Hitler's direct orders that the concentration camps were built. It is worth mentioning that the SS played a large part in the death camps but again Hitler was ultimately responsible.

    So the simple answer I guess is yes

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    The war would not have happened if there was no Hitler. It was his perverse ideas that got the Nazis into power and inflict some of the worst atrocities in human history.

    It was his hatred for jews that incited an underlying jealousy and dislike among the common germans to all so hate Jews.

    Question: Would there be a Nazi party, if Hitler wasnt around?

    Question: Was there any other German in the Reichstag that would have started another world war?

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