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Is Uncharted 2 Multiplayer any good?

I rented Uncharted 2 from blockbuster and beat it in 5 days. I was wondering, is the multiplayer part of the game any good; is it worth spending $50 on top of the $10 rental fee I payed?

All opinions welcome... thanks.


Thanks for the quick replies. I do own MW2 although, I haven't played online yet. Imma go with what upgrade and maybe buy it used for no more than $20. Thanks guys.

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    in the multiplayer you can either play the story with more people and i think the story is slightly different when you do. there is also online matchmaking where you and a bunch of people free-for-all in ancient places i also think there is capture the flag. They even put a feature where you can record anything that happened in the match even things that happened in areas you didn't even go to. Though if you beat the game already then that would take a lot out of the overall game. I in that sense it's not really worth $50 but if you find a cheaper price for it then i guess go for it.

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    i mean its decent but nothing spectacular, there are only a few maps and its kinda similiar to single player. I didnt have any lag problems at least, but if your looking for a good multiplayer game get modern warfare 2

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    If u like 3rd person shooters then yes its preety good, theres more maps comming in 2 - 3 months

    If u like FPS's the get something else

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  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    yea theres gonna be an open beta

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