According to a Yahoo Sports article the following 7 AFC wild card contenders don't deserve to be in the ->?

Playoffs. Your thoughts & do you agree or disagree. Here are the following teams with comments with the Author of the article->

• Baltimore Ravens: To its credit, this team beat the Chargers way back in Week 2 and suffered close defeats to the Vikings, Colts, Patriots and Bengals. But the Ravens could have set themselves up with a victory over the Steelers last weekend and were abysmal in the fourth quarter, with a touchdown called back due to penalty and another easy score squandered when their top receiver dropped a pass in the end zone And they’ll still get in if they can beat the Raiders in Oakland on Sunday. If they can’t do that, why are we even having this conversation?

• Denver Broncos: Let’s put aside the fact that, after starting 6-0, the Broncos have lost seven of their past nine games. I’d like to focus on one result in particular: A 20-19 home defeat to the Raiders two weeks ago in which Denver’s D failed to hold a late lead against JaMarcus Russell(notes). Enough said. Josh McDaniels’ team also lost to the Washington Redskins and got pounded by two other wild-card aspirants, the Ravens and Steelers.

• Houston Texans: I’ve talked about how this team is the NFL’s biggest tease, and the fact that it got swept by the Jaguars, who have no quality victories all season, tells you all you need to know. And if the Texans are edged out in a tiebreaker by the Jets, perhaps their fans should remember the 24-7 thumping Houston took, at home, against Rex Ryan’s team in the season opener.

• Jacksonville Jaguars: Amazingly, this team is still alive at 7-8. Please, make it stop. The Jags’ best victories this season were the aforementioned triumphs over the Texans and a Nov. 15 squeaker over the Jets. Given a chance to legitimize their playoff push last Sunday in New England by beating a team that’s actually good, they fell behind 35-0 and got smoked by the Pats. Oh, and the Jags lost to the Seahawks. By a score of 41-0. Atrocious.

• Miami Dolphins: Another 7-8 team that has yet to be officially eliminated, though it essentially shut it down in the first half of last Sunday’s game against the Texans, falling behind 27-0. Way to seize the moment, guys. The Dolphins lost to the Bills, 31-14, in late November and completely choked against the Saints five weeks earlier, blowing a 21-point lead. They are the essence of illegitimate.

• New York Jets: If Rex Ryan’s team makes the playoffs, he should get down on his knees and thank the football gods for his good fortune. First his inconsistent team, in its own stadium two weeks ago, allowed the already eliminated Falcons to drive 73 yards in the final minutes to steal a 10-7 victory. Then, with the Jets trailing the Colts by five in the third quarter last Sunday, Indy coach Jim Caldwell essentially sent them a life raft by calling in rookie quarterback Curtis Painter(notes) and the second-stringers. And now, thanks to NBC’s decision to move New York’s game with the Bengals into the Sunday night slot, Ryan may get lucky once more: Depending upon what happens with the Patriots earlier Sunday – and, realistically, how much Lewis cares about getting the third seed, as opposed to the fourth seed – the Jets may face Cincy’s B-team, too. If they still can’t get into the playoffs, what was the point?

• Pittsburgh Steelers: OK, here’s why Woodley makes me roll my eyes. Of all the wild-card contenders, the Steelers have arguably done the most to create their own predicament, and have wasted the most chances to overcome those self-inflicted wounds. Despite losing to the Bears in Week 2, Mike Tomlin’s team was 6-2 at midseason and looked like a legitimate threat to repeat. Then Pittsburgh lost five consecutive games, including setbacks to the Chiefs (blech), the Raiders (ouch) and the Browns (ooof). Really? Then, it took a last-second, complete-by-inches touchdown pass against the Packers to keep the dream alive, followed by the Ravens’ previously discussed implosion last weekend. If Pittsburgh wins in Miami on Sunday, it will need help from the Patriots, Bengals, Raiders and/or Chiefs (who face the Broncos) in various combinations. And the Steelers might get it. But they don’t deserve it. None of these teams does.

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    Here's my comment: the 2008 Arizona Cardinals were just a 9-7 team that suffered some blowout defeats near the end of last season.

    But they ended up playing in the Super Bowl because they got "hot" at the right time.

    So I disagree with this article. All of those teams are in position to get into the playoffs as wild cards because (obviously) they won enough games to be in this spot.

    Every team in the NFL has flaws right now. Even the 14-1 Colts. But you don't look for pimples on Miss America; you just appreciate the nice things.

  • Big D
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    1 decade ago

    Okay, let me be clear about this as mediocre as these teams have been this season, any one of them has a good shot at the Wild Card. I do have to agree that the Steelers and Ravens don't deserve it as far as I hate to say. Those teams, in particular, have had trouble stopping the run late in games this season which has cost them some winnable games and in the playoffs those teams need to stop the run in order to prove that they are playoff bound.

    But evaluating all the comments mentioned about each team, I pretty much agree with all the comments because it demonstrates that all these teams have had their good and bad moments this season but yet when you have so many weak teams coming out of one conference even an 8-8 team has a shot at going to the playoffs. Remember your Giants a few years ago? They went 8-8, had a mediocre season but still made the playoffs.

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    What ever team gets in deserve it as all teams work hard to get to this point. Also, ask any of the teams already in the playoffs if they would like to play Pittsburgh if they get in the playoffs. The Steelers are dangerous in the postseason and especially if Polamalu gets healthy and plays. Dont forget a few years back when Pittsburgh sqeaked in the playoffs as the #6 seed and went on to beat the Seahawks in the super bowl.

  • i'd say the two afc teams least deserving of playoff spots are the ones that are actually going to make it, the ravens and the jets. i think the steelers, texans, and dolphins (and titans if they had actually still been alive in the chase) could be threats to really do damage in the playoffs, i can't see the jets or ravens being anything more than one and done. the ravens especially get more respect than they deserve, they haven't looked very good at all when i've seen them, and nearly lost to dennis dixon's steelers. ray rice alone won't beat the patriots or bengals

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  • Mr.B
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    1 decade ago

    I say whoever gets in deserves to be in - they qualified under the rules. A win in week 1 is worth just as much as a win in week 17, so the idea that a team shouldn't make the playoffs because they had a great first half but have struggled in the second half doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    Having said that, it IS a pretty weak field in the AFC this year.

  • I saw that article and I thought about their fans who are all hopeful that somehow the cards fall their way and their team gets in. The NFL is set up for Wildcards, there's no further lines on what their wins must be. While it is surprising to see a couple teams 7-8 with a chance, that's the way the AFC panned out this season. If they get in, they deserved it. You could trash any team getting in, they fell here, they lost to "them" but the fact remains if they get in, they deserved it over many other teams.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, I especially agree with the Denver broncos not deserving to be contenders and the Steelers not deserving to be contenders.

  • 4-3.
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    1 decade ago

    wow I was just reading that on the Y! page, what a coincidence , although I agree with this article.. If none of these teams deserve to make it.... than what team does deserve it?

  • 1 decade ago

    While i sorta agree it does not include the teams that already made the playoffs that shouldn't have

  • 1 decade ago

    before we know it...... the fans will be voting in the last spot. Tracy McGrady & I think this is a bad idea.

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