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Why is it hard to emigrate from countries like afghanistan into countries like Canada and U.S.?

My Uncle has been trying to come to Canada from Afghanistan for 15 years and he still hasn't been able to. What is the process for immigrating into canada and why is it so hard?

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    There are all kinds of hoops they make you jump through -- they want the rich people who are going to contribute most $$$ to the country as immigrants. He might be able to apply as some kind of refugee now, I think Canada has changed their laws slightly for citizens of Afghanistan who help troops, like translators and whatnot. Mind you, that is wildly dangerous.

    Government of Canada creates special immigration measures to recognize contribution of Afghan staff in Kandahar:

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  • Anonymous
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    Sorry but your uncle is one of nearly one million others who also want to move to Canada. We simply cannot afford to house, clothe and feed the uncountable zillions who have no skills, education or work experience to help build the Canadian and American societies.

    It isn't that Canada only wants rich immigrants; rather, we want educated qualified immigrants who can help to build this country.

    Also, at the risk of arousing anyone's ire, a lot of immigrants from places like Afghanistan come to Canada and bring their barbaric tribal wars with them. They don't understand, for instance, that women are not objects you can buy, sell, beat up or murder. People here who are not of any particular religion are not "infidels" or "poisons" that must be slaughtered. I'm not saying all people from places like Afghanistan are like that nor am I suggesting your uncle is one of those type. However, given what we hear about in the news, it's becoming increasingly apparent that a lot of immigrants from certain parts of the world are not prepared to adapt to our way of living. Some are, some aren't.

    As for your uncle, again, he must qualify to immigrate to Canada. If he has been trying for 15 years and is still unable to qualify to come here then he probably won't ever be able to. I'm not sure what you mean when you say your uncle has been trying for 15 years and yet you ask what the process is. There is only one legal way to immigrate to Canada and the information there can be found through the link I provided below.

    The process for immigrating into Canada can be found at

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    It is simply because of terrorism...The US & Canada despite being sovereign countries are very close security wise & pretty much share a lot of information with each other.If either country suspects a person may have links to terrorism you can be sure that person will not be allowed in either country.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, the most obvious answer is that security is tighter for people emigrating from countries where the relations haven't been on the best of terms the past century or so.

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