Is This Part Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

I'm a bit confused. I was recently looking at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on google maps and noticed that there are many smaller names surrounding it like "Cherry Hill" and "Hartford" and I was wondering if those places were part of Philadelphia or if they are their own towns? If it is part of Philadelphia, how do you go about saying that? Would you say " I'm from Philadelphia, Cherry Hill?" Thanks!

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    Look at the map again. Cherry Hill is in ANOTHER STATE! So, no, it is not part of Philadelphia. And Haverford (Hartford is in Connecticut) is a town on the Philadelphia Main Line (Haverford Township and places with the Haverford mailing address, which in in two separate municipalities Lower Merion Township and Haverford Township). Philadelphia is no different from any other big city. It is surrounded by lots of suburban towns and townships with their own names and governments (Like Los Angeles has suburbs like Torrance and Compton and New York has Yonkers and New Rochelle and Mineola etc.). Also, like other big cities, Philadelphia has a "metropolitan area" that includes all of the suburbs (even those on the New Jersey side of the river). People from the suburbs might say, I live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, that's near Philadelphia" or something like that.

    By the way, the "Main Line" is a string of upper income suburbs that run west of the City line along the Pennsylvania Railroad "Main Line" Look at your map and follow Route 30 out of the city to see which towns I mean. Paoli used usually considered the "end of the line".

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    Not only is Cherry Hill not a part of Philadelphia, it's not even in Pennsylvania. It's 10 miles east of town in New Jersey. And it's Haverford, not Hartford. And it's a suburb west of Philadelphia. Suburbanites would say they are from the name of their town and not mention Philadelphia.

    There are many neighborhoods that are in Philadelphia (University City, Manayunk, Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Germantown, etc.) People would say they are from Philadelphia or their neighborhood.

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    I wonder if you contact the Board of Education for that part of Philadelphia, if it would help to have someone look up names in a year book for when Jackie went to school? Or pull up phone numbers for Wilson's in Philadelphia on the internet and call a few. Find someone (like the wife and I), we have unlimited calls around the U.S.A. 24/7/365. Here's a wild shot: **** Clark ran "Bandstand" T.V. dance show for the teenage set in the 50'ies. I believe the studio was down near 46th and Market. St. I think half of Philadelphia tried to get on the show at one point before they moved to California. Maybe you can dig through their files somehow to find a lead? Sorry I can't be more help. I left West Philadelphia High School in 1961.

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    There's a Chestnut Hill in Philly. And people just respond they live in Chestnut Hill, or Fairmount (sections of the city) The same way people in NYC respond they live in Brooklyn or Manhatten.

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