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Why can't I play decent games???? WHY?

Ok.. I want to play games like Quake Live and Call of Duty but my upload speed is not good enough or at least that is what i think is the problem. I live in Toronto and I can't even get a decent server to play on in New York. Even Worse, when I connect to a server in Ashburn,VA I dont even play all i do is litteraly stand and keep dying. I WANT TO PLAY. To make it easier for the ones who want to help thi is the link for my results.

**Note I pay rogers $55 a month is this decent service?? lol idk is it??

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    Call the tech support for your internet service. If there's a "guaranteed" minimum speed and you aren't getting it, start complaining!

    Tech can help you try and troubleshoot, or perhaps they will find a problem on their end. If you aren't getting what you are paying for, keep complaining about it. They will either fix the problem or try to compensate you. It does no good to sit around and do nothing!

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