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Who do I believe? And Is there something going on?

Okay a friend of mine told me he's gay and I know you are suppose to believe the person who tells you what they are. But some of his friends and family members tell me he's bi and his high school sweetheart is a guy. Now my questions are who do I believe him or his friends or family and is there something behind the reason why I'm getting told he is 2 different sexual orientation? Does it mean he doesn't let his family know he's really gay or does it mean he is lying to me about his sexual preference?

If anyone is wonder he is just a friend but I prefer to have friends who don't lie to me or lie to me about themselves and who they are because if they aren't honest with you about who they are what makes you think they can be honest with you about anything else?

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    I would believe your friend because no one else can tell you what he is apart from himself. Maybe he has more confidence in you rather than his other friends and family members. I don't think he has a reason to lie to you so be 'the' good friend and trust him.

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    i think he is gay and trusts you and values your friendship enough to tell you the truth but he is afraid of what other people may think . or maybe other people dont want him to be gay so they say he is bi

  • his answer is probally the most truthful

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